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Jim Ball

The more we learn about outdoor air pollution’s effects on human health, the more we should be motivated to protect our loved ones and others from this threat. Consider these steps to protect yourself and your family. […] Read More

I heard my friend Larry Schweiger, president of the National Wildlife Federation, speak recently at a conference in Nashville about the connection between the Gulf spill and our need to address global warming. I’ve known Larry since 1994 and have been privileged to hear him speak on numerous occasions over the years – and this […] Read More

The old football metaphor “three yards and a cloud of dust” aptly describes the slow but crucial progress recently made in the Senate on having the federal government of the United States seriously address global warming. But why is progress at the federal level so difficult? It’s not that the scientific findings aren’t clear.  To […] Read More

Are irrational and dangerous end-of-the-world views of conservative Christians—”the earth is going to be burned up anyway, so why care for it”—behind the environmental policies of our Republican-controlled federal government? Put aside for a moment any thoughts about whether the presuppositions behind this thesis are correct, because the “secret” has now been exposed by Glenn […] Read More

It still surprises people that evangelical Christians are concerned about environmental issues. As the executive director of the Evangelical Environmental Network, I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen in print that our educational campaign, “What Would Jesus Drive?” is attributed to “radical environmentalists.” It is just too jarring–and scary–to some that evangelicals would […] Read More

Jerry Falwell’s approval score among evangelicals? 45.8 (out of 100). The favorability score of environmental organizations among evangelicals? 52.3. Enviros are viewed more favorably than Falwell! These are just some of the more interesting findings of a recent in-depth nationwide poll. It shows that progress is being made on creation-care attitudes despite the well-funded attempts […] Read More

I still haven’t forgotten a casual remark made by a Baptist pastor friend of mine about 10 years ago. He wanted to communicate to me how “environmental” issues can get out of hand, how “enviros” can go overboard. The example he used was how large projects such as the building of a bridge could be […] Read More

Oceans: Vast But Not Invincible

Nearly all human beings live on land. This leads to a tendency to forget about the oceans. Out of sight, out of mind. But when we stand before them or float upon them they seem vast and limitless and invincible. We have sayings that highlight this feeling, such as “just a drop in the ocean.” […] Read More

This year brought more bad news than good when it came to stories about the environment. Let’s start with the good news: –A stinker of an energy bill didn’t pass the Senate, falling two votes short to break a filibuster. The bill would have been a huge boon to the coal, oil, gas and nuclear […] Read More

Wildfires and Forests

It has been heartbreaking to hear of the 20 deaths and destruction of more than 3,300 homes by the fires that have recently raged in California. This is the largest fire disaster in California’s history. What some have likened to a “perfect storm” for wildfires is the result of natural factors enhanced by a multitude […] Read More