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Jerry Falwell

Falwell is back. What are centrist-to-progressive people of faith going to do about his agenda of using pulpits to mobilize Christian voters? When Jerry Falwell first emerged with the Moral Majority in the late 1970s, a lot of centrist-to-progressive faith leaders dismissed his crusade and underestimated the potential of his movement. Prideful dismissal among the […] Read More

In 1994 Jerry Falwell was criticized for using his “Old Time Gospel Hour” to hawk a video called “The Clinton Chronicles.” The “documentary” was laced with outrageous insinuations claiming Bill Clinton was guilty of everything imaginable. The late Falwell held no punches in his opinions about President Clinton. He claimed that Baptist Clinton was “the […] Read More

In his apparently last television interview recorded the week before his death, Jerry Falwell defended controversial statements he made following 9/11 holding secular and liberal groups responsible for the terrorist attacks. Forty-eight hours after 9/11, Falwell said on Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” that the attacks were likely evidence that God was judging America and “probably […] Read More

The death of Jerry Falwell marks a significant milestone in one of the most interesting periods in American Christian history. Falwell was the result of a particular social and religious evolution that greatly impacted faith in America. He also lived long enough to actually contribute to that evolution. To some extent, this evolution began with […] Read More

Franklin Graham and former Southern Baptist Convention President Jerry Vines called Jerry Falwell a “prophet” during a 90-minute funeral Tuesday at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. According to the Lynchburg News & Advance, the line outside the church started forming at 1:30 a.m. By 9:30 a.m. it stretched nearly a quarter mile, waiting […] Read More

Politician Newt Gingrich grabbed for preacher Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority mantle Saturday, hoping it might give him power to win the blessing of the Christian Right in his quest for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Gingrich’s masterful and manipulative message made four claims: 1. Falwell asked Gingrich to “bear witness” to the nation’s need to […] Read More

Following the unexpected death of the Jerry Falwell, many are revisiting his legacy. Some remind people of his numerous controversial remarks, while others praise him for his political and social influence. Critics and supporters alike wonder who will take his place–not so much as leader of Thomas Road Baptist Church or Liberty University–but as a […] Read More

Friends and political foes remembered controversial television preacher Jerry Falwell, pronounced dead Tuesday afternoon after collapsing in his Liberty University office, as a larger-than-life figure who leaves a lasting imprint on American religion and politics. Founder of the Moral Majority in 1979, Falwell received much credit for mobilizing evangelical Christians to help elect Ronald Reagan […] Read More

A personal policy prevents me from identifying my choices in an election. It would be detrimental to my work as a pastor to choose sides publicly in an election contest. I will talk issues. Prophetic preaching demands that issues, including those that relate to public policy, be addressed. I am going to make an exception […] Read More

Links to a Friday story in popped up around the Internet, as bloggers from the right, left and middle took exception to Jerry Falwell’s assertion that Satan is using global warming to distract Christians away from preaching the gospel and toward environmentalism. Jim Wallis said on a blog co-sponsored by Sojourners and Beliefnet that […] Read More