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James L. Evans

The use of demeaning language is a first step to dehumanize people, which ultimately leads to suffering and possibly death. It’s been true in our history and is still true today. […] Read More

Not only was Martin Luther King Jr. an effective preacher, but also a poet whose words shattered the settled reality of cruelty and hate and helped us see the hope of a new possibility through his vision of the beloved community. […] Read More

Politics isn’t a zero-sum game. When political parties enter candidates for public office, more than winning or losing is at stake. In a divided electorate, the majority that won by a slim margin still must represent everyone. […] Read More

When AG Jeff Sessions and other politicians seek to appease Christians who falsely believe their religion is under attack, it distracts the church from its legitimate mission. […] Read More

The religious right has morphed into a full-service political action committee, championing nuclear weapons, tax breaks for the rich and rigid immigration policies “in the name of Jesus.” Seriously? […] Read More

Are you an American Christian or a Christian American? The difference is important and has everything to do with which part of your identity comes first. […] Read More

President Bush is about to face some tough questions concerning the war in Iraq. The fact that the United States has been unable to locate any weapons of mass destruction has created concern for many people, including those who supported the war. It is inappropriate to begin bashing the president, however. If there are questions […] Read More

It was a strange and confusing spectacle. An angry young man stood before news cameras and chided Alabama Baptists for being soft on the Bible. Baptists? Soft on the Bible? What’s going on here? That angry man was Dean Young, director of the Christian Family Association. He has also been chief cheerleader for Judge Roy […] Read More