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James Evans

The church does not reign over the world anymore and cannot enforce its beliefs on others. That leaves the legal system of the United States as the only recourse for some, but that path carries a price. […] Read More

While some folks focus on the apocalyptic rather than the redemptive nature of God, biblical justice is about being sure that all God’s children have what they need for the living of their lives. […] Read More

When evangelicals surrender to the selfish and self-centered politics of “America First,” they abandon the teachings of Jesus and submit themselves to idolatry. It may be harsh, but it’s time to separate from them. […] Read More

Nearly every evangelistic sermon includes at some point a reference to Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” As part of an evangelistic appeal, this verse is intended to convey to non-Christians the reality of their sinful nature and the need to “come to Christ.” The climax of […] Read More

Managing God

I heard a pastoral counselor once say if you can keep people talking long enough, they will eventually tell you what is really on their mind. I have come to believe he was right. Here’s an example. For months now, evangelical scholars and preachers have been debating the merits of the new International Bible Society’s […] Read More

I was taught to say “thank you.” My parents wanted me to know that it is not proper to take for granted the good things that come to us in life. I am sure this is true for everyone who was raised to observe this basic courtesy. Over time, unfortunately, “thank you” can become just […] Read More

Is it time for Christians to abandon public schools? That question was posed last month in The Charlotte World, a North Carolina-based Christian newsletter. Warren Smith, editor and publisher, went on something of a tirade about the state of public education in America. He believes that because prayer and Bible reading are prohibited in public […] Read More

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning the Cleveland, Ohio, school voucher program is about to open a floodgate of voucher initiatives across the country. Several states have watched this case closely, ready to move forward with voucher legislation if the court ruled favorably. It is important to note what this decision means and what […] Read More

I have heard for years that “we are what we eat.” I suspect this is so. And if it is, I wonder what else about eating might be true. Are we also how we eat, or where we eat? Catholic theologian Massimo Salani certainly believes that. He has watched the explosive growth of fast food […] Read More

We were fortunate to be in Washington, D.C., the year the United States Holocaust Museum opened. We stood in line for hours to get tickets, and hours more to get in. Hundreds and hundreds of people were there to see and remember. Once inside, we walked in a silent, solemn procession through the exhibits. The […] Read More