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The climate is warming and this will continue as we burn fossil fuels. There are already serious environmental effects. The poor suffer disproportionately and will suffer even more in the future if we do not take prompt action. Most fossil fuel reserves should stay underground, but the church has substantial investments in fossil fuels. Should […] Read More

A significant segment of the economic and political leadership on both sides of the Atlantic appears to be oblivious to the point (or points) Jesus was making about planting mustard seeds. It’s that familiar parable of Jesus that draws on the wisdom of farmers over the eons: that when the ground is bare it’s time […] Read More

We ministers are really knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. Finance is not usually one of them. And while I’m not a financial expert, this “quick and dirty” on retirement accounts – for ministers who will not talk with a financial advisor – can offer a few straightforward principles to help them start on the […] Read More

A Houston jury on Thursday convicted Enron Corp.’s founder Ken Lay of conspiracy and fraud, despite testimony by prominent minister and former Southern Baptist Convention president Ed Young, who vouched for him as a character witness. Young, pastor of Second Baptist Church of Houston and SBC president in 1993 and 1994, was the last witness […] Read More

A Master of Moral Arbitrage

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is guilty of “insider trading” by requesting the sale of his remaining stock in the Hospital Corporation of America. Legal interest in the matter gravitates around the timing of the sale and the parallel activity of other HCA executives. Frist requested that […] Read More

In 2004, GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, formerly known as the Annuity Board, invested over $60 million in corporations doing business in Sudan. Government-sponsored genocide in Sudan has displaced millions and killed hundreds of thousands, many of whom were Christians. According to the Dec. 31, 2004, AB Funds Trust Annual Report, GuideStone […] Read More

This side of Sept. 11, more people than ever before recognize spiritual need in their lives. Sure, some are trying to fill it with age-old carnal remedies. But now, at least, they recognize the need. Many are open to authentic answers to their questions about how to fill that void. Expect even more honest questions […] Read More

While headlines of people losing their retirement savings shock the world, pension board executives say diversity and long-term investments help Baptist retirement plan funds weather bear markets. People who lose their life’s savings usually have all their money in a few companies, but Baptist retirement plan investments are made in hundreds of different companies to […] Read More

There’s a card game called “spoons” played something like this: Four players encircling three spoons each receive four cards. The dealer draws a card from the deck and passes an unwanted card to the next player, who does the same, with the last player putting unwanted cards in a pile. The object: Be the first […] Read More

Fortune magazine reported that Bernie Ebbers, the founder and former CEO of Worldcom, the nation’s second-largest long-distance corporation, owes the company $408 million in loans lent to him by the board of directors when he was chairman of the board. “Ebbers is in no position to pay,” Fortune reported. “His wealth was largely in Worldcom […] Read More