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A majority of U.S. adults don’t use the Internet to access spiritual or religious content, even though most believe the Internet exposes them to new perspectives. These are two findings in a Baylor University religion survey, “American Values, Mental Health and Using Technology in the Age of Trump,” which was released on Sept. 7. As […] Read More

The faith community has a significant role to play in combating the exploitation of children. Such exploitation has “soared in recent years” as the Internet has “expose[d] children to new and evolving forms of sexual exploitation,” a United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) press release said in announcing the release of a resource for faith-based groups. […] Read More

Human trafficking is a global scourge, often referred to as modern-day slavery, and it has a significant presence in the U.S. While I was aware of the significant global presence of trafficking, the information shared in a recent bipartisan U.S. Senate hearing shocked me. “Experts tell us that there were as many as 27 million […] Read More

1 Kings 10:1-13 tells the story of the queen of Sheba. The queen was clearly a wise, rich and important figure. She went to the considerable trouble of loading up her entourage and a fortune in rare spices, precious jewels and other costly gifts for a trip to Solomon’s court in Jerusalem. Why? Although we […] Read More

The more we’re online as a society, the less religious we are. According to MIT’s Technology Review, a new study by computer scientist Allen Downey of the Olin College of Engineering concludes, “Internet use decreases the chance of religious affiliation.” Downey’s study analyzed statistics from 9,000 respondents to the University of Chicago’s general social survey in 2010. […] Read More

More parents than ever are becoming accustomed to seeing the top of their teenager’s head. That is assuming that the parent is looking up from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. We live in an increasingly digitally connected society because technology has become so accessible and convenient. If left unchecked, the scene in my home might […] Read More

Like all “Baby Boomers,” I grew up with television.          I cut my teeth on “Captain Kangaroo” and “Sesame Street” and graduated to sitcoms such as “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Bewitched” and “Gilligan’s Island” On Saturday mornings, I awoke early and enjoyed the host of characters from Warner Brothers. It’s amazing that Mel Blanc was the voice […] Read More

The advent of the Internet has placed the world at our fingertips, contributing to what journalist Thomas Friedman called the “flattening” of the world. Mobile devices with Internet access, such as smartphones and tablets, have made us more connected than ever. Social networking sites have enabled us to keep in touch with friends, family and […] Read More

We live in an age of technology where we are accessible at any time and at almost any place. Look at the Verizon and AT&T coverage maps and you will not see a lot of white spaces. Towers have connected us to each other through our mobile phones to the point that we are actually […] Read More

More than half of Christians in the United Kingdom would be prepared to pay more to use the Internet if it meant greater restrictions on accessing porn. That’s according to a new ComRes poll, commissioned by Premier Christian Media Trust. The poll found that 57 percent would accept higher charges to fund a plan in […] Read More