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Instead of following extreme methods toward interfaith work between Christians and Muslims, it’s vital to find a virtuous middle ground. Can leaning on the classics help Christian-Muslim relations? Let’s start with Aristotle. […] Read More

Never seeking the limelight, Wayne Martin began building interfaith bridges before it became fashionable to do. He passed away recently at age 85, leaving a legacy of healthy growth of a spirit of community across interfaith lines. […] Read More

To read the life story of Imam Imad Enchassi is to marvel at how he has lived through war, ongoing discrimination and the travails of a refugee – and done so with great success and with mercy and love beyond degree. […] Read More

The Middle East Consultation, organized by the Institute of Middle East Studies, helps equip participants to respond in prophetic and Christ-like ways to the many challenges facing Christians and Muslims in and beyond the Middle East. […] Read More

‘Our Muslim Neighbors’

A vast majority of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims – over 97% – are upright citizens who defy combative, radicalized stereotypes and caricatures portrayed on the news. That’s the point in Victor Begg’s book, ‘Our Muslim Neighbors.’ […] Read More

In Jewish tradition, Elijah often appears in the guise of an old beggar. The legend says if we treat beggars kindly, the world is deemed ready for peace. Did Elijah visit us and we didn’t notice him? When will we be ready for peace? […] Read More

Rather than vilifying or marginalizing the religious beliefs of others, we must seek out ways to build communities of peace in our multifaith societies. Here are 4 ways to do that in your corner of the planet. […] Read More

Baptists should witness about their own spiritual journeys but must approach people of other faiths with humility, curiosity, kindness and respect. Cultivating these virtues and recalling these 3 factors will yield positive results. […] Read More

When relating to persons of other faiths, Christians can testify passionately about the path they have walked but should not disparage the path others have traveled. We should approach others with humility rather than arrogance. […] Read More

Many Baptists assume evangelism corresponds to proselytization yet don’t consider developing interfaith relationships as a priority. Christ, however, calls us to be faithful witnesses, not successful proselytizers. […] Read More