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Interfaith Engagement

The long history of Christian theology has had many seasons. Its early generations focused on creedal formulations in an effort to establish a foundational expression of belief to guide interpretations and applications of a shared faith experience. Pivotal figures like Augustine began a process of organizing those interpretations in the direction of rather massive “systems,” […] Read More

Tensions remain high and fears widespread throughout the world following terror attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Beirut and other locations. Calls to ban temporarily all Syrian refugees coupled with a suggestion of a similar restriction on all Muslims seeking to come to the U.S. have heightened emotions. Amid divisive, anti-Muslim rhetoric, Baptist leaders have spoken […] Read More

Leaders from four faith traditions in Burma (also known as Myanmar) have called for a fuller embrace of religious freedom and increased respect between traditions, which is vital to the well-being of children who represent the future of their nation. The statement, released by Interfaith for Children, has been issued in the leadup to the […] Read More

The week of Sept. 21 was the week that the better angels of our nature were visibly – personally, corporately, globally – initiated by different houses in the faith community. Cliff Vaughn,’s media producer, and I traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to do video interviews with Christian Reformed Church missionaries to Nigeria, who witnessed […] Read More

No mention of documentaries. No comment about broadcast TV. No reference to websites. No word about the Internet. No suggestion about networking with global Baptists. No note about race relations. No word about immigration, interfaith and incarceration. If one compares The Tennessean news story on July 29, 1991, announcing the formation of the Baptist Center […] Read More

I have been “evangelized” both by well-meaning Muslims doing “da’wah” (Arabic for “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation”) and Christians who made assumptions about my relationship with Jesus. One Muslim wanted to “share his testimony” with me. I could not wait for that conversation to end. It did not feel so good to have […] Read More

There is no shortage of fear in this world, and of course no shortage of things to be fearful of. Given recent comments by a well-known U.S. evangelical Christian leader, Franklin Graham, concerning his views on Islam and Muslims – and how he feels his country should respond to it/them – it seems there is […] Read More

Many challenges face the church today, but one of the most significant is our ability to live, function and minister in a world that is increasingly diverse. Perhaps the issue is not that the world is more diverse but that this diversity has become part of our everyday lives. More than ever before, the world […] Read More

President John F. Kennedy gave a compelling commencement address on world peace more than 50 years ago. In one of his famous quotes, Kennedy declared, “If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity.” What a profoundly practical definition of peace. So how do you feel about […] Read More

I finished teaching an online course on Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations at William Jessup University in California recently. I loved the enthusiasm of the students and had a great time teaching the course. More than once, a student said something like this, “I was never taught to build bridges. We always focused on our beliefs and the […] Read More