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Liberal and progressive politicians and clergy are more dangerous to the cause of justice than their neoconservative counterparts. Their fruits may be pleasing, but they can be just as damaging to the welfare of the oppressed. […] Read More

Potential costs keep some U.S. adults from seeking medical care for symptoms associated with COVID-19, a new survey found. This corroborates earlier polling data about postponed health care visits and procedures due to financial considerations. […] Read More

Preliminary numbers reveal African Americans are suffering a disproportionate amount of coronavirus deaths compared to other racial groups. What’s the cause of this disparity? There may be three reasons. […] Read More

With moneyed corporate interests seeking an opportunity to cash in on a federal government economic relief package, let’s remember what we can do to benefit the common good and the average citizen. Here are 4 ideas. […] Read More

Twenty-five years after one of the most progressive blueprints for women’s rights was passed, progress remains uneven and, in some cases, has even reversed. It’s time to push back against the pushback, a UN official said. […] Read More

While women’s employment rights and prospects have improved overall, significant hindrances remain in many countries, as women are only granted around 75% of the rights men have in the global workforce, a report said. […] Read More

The level of education a student attains is one of the most ‘powerful predictors’ of life expectancy, a report found. Educational opportunity contributed to 6% of the difference in life expectancy between neighborhoods. […] Read More

Two key challenges facing laborers around the world are underutilization and inequality, a report says, with 13% of the world’s labor force, or 470 million people, underutilized, twice the global unemployment rate. […] Read More

While inequalities trigger protests and unrest around the world, the disparities driving such discontent aren’t wholly financial in nature, a report says. They include areas such as education, health and climate change. […] Read More

Following World War II, the GI Bill helped many veterans go to school, secure a well-paying job and buy a home. Those benefits, however, only extended to white Americans and excluded many African Americans. […] Read More