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Inclusive Language

White-biased imagery is common in our churches, but its inherent racism is much more subtle than the blatant sexist language and patriarchal imagery that is so dominant in our worship services and beyond. […] Read More

Although many dismiss inclusive language in Scripture as “politically correct,” it runs much deeper. It is an attempt to speak justly about humans and strives to offer a vision of God beyond gender. […] Read More

My family helped me with an experiment. I read some Bible verses and asked if they had anything in common. After about half a dozen verses, our 8-year-old daughter, Abigail, said, “They’re all about boys and men.” Apparently, they were. The verses all contained male pronouns or references to “brothers” or “men.” Actually, the verses […] Read More

The Bible is a man’s book. How can a book “of the men” and “by the men” be anything other than “for the men”? Moses, David, Jesus and Paul are a few men whose stories fill the biblical text. Women like Rebecca, Esther and Mary only qualify for best supporting actress. Men wrote most, if […] Read More