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Baptists should be among the leaders who are creating and developing healthy environments for productive conversations concerning the inclusion of LGBTQ Christians in the church. […] Read More

Does justice require inclusion and diversity? The simple answer is “yes” and “no.” However, my emphasis here is going to be on the “no,” simply because I exist in a religious context where that is what needs to be said and heard. Some years ago, my family played a board game called Scruples. The game […] Read More

American schools have long taught the English grammar rule that allows the words “man” and “he” to refer to both males and females. This practice has evolved along a convoluted path. According to Carolyn Jacobson in the English department at the University of Pennsylvania, “man” was once a truly generic word referring to all humans. […] Read More

It was heartening to learn that so many churches in Chicago last week passed the welcoming test that Jesus created. That is, they opened their doors to welcome children. “What’s so unusual about that?” you’re probably asking. Isn’t that what churches are supposed to be doing – what most churches are eager to do? Wouldn’t […] Read More

Healed for Community

A sermon delivered by Michael Cheuk, Pastor, Farmville Baptist Church, Farmville, Va., on February 12, 2012. Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Mark 1:40-45 I still remember one of the most traumatic days I ever had in elementary school.  I was in the fifth grade, it happened at the end of English class right before lunch.  The […] Read More

A Wedding Invitation

A sermon delivered by Larry Greenfield, Pastor, Morgan Park Baptist Church on October 9, 2011. Matthew 22: 1-14 Our nation lost a great treasure this past week. He was someone unusually gifted in intellect and imagination and integrity, in courage and curiosity and creativity. He actually changed the way we – not just in this […] Read More

Borders are interesting concepts that have been around since the dawn of creation. Borders are those barriers that we construct to keep those we want out, out. Nations have borders, and in our current political climate, there is much discussion about keeping our borders more secure, making sure that not just anyone comes through them. […] Read More

E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. I can’t help but look further back in time, long before U.S. history, to the Day of Pentecost narrated in Acts 2. In reading about this early group of Jesus followers waiting on the promised spirit, the very meaning of the phrase E pluribus unum comes alive. People […] Read More

Peculiar Treasures

A sermon delivered by Keith Herron, Pastor, Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City,  Mo., on October 31, 2010. Luke 19:1-10    One of the oldest villages on the planet is Jericho and if those old walls could talk … if Jericho could talk, this would be one of the stories it would tell. This story in Luke’s […] Read More

Luke 14 tells a wonderful story about the “table habits” of Jesus and the conversations that took place around the table. It was around the table that the first breaking of the bread and the common cup were shared among the disciples in the upper room on the night that Jesus was betrayed. It was at […] Read More