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The Bible was on display at President Trump’s inauguration – different versions, different texts, different symbolisms. Three Bibles had the symbolic value of tying the president and vice president to the honored past. Vice President Pence had his hand on President Reagan’s King James Version. It was opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, […] Read More

Comparing crowd sizes became a surprising focal point following President Trump’s inauguration. By now, most of us have seen overhead shots from the Washington Monument of the crowds at the 2009 Obama inauguration next to images of the Trump inauguration. Pictures of the crowds at Women’s March events held across the U.S. soon joined the […] Read More

Honored civil rights leader and U.S. Congressman John Lewis sought to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” said Lewis, who plans to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration by skipping it. A number of other Democrats have decided to bypass the inauguration, refusing to recognize symbolically the legitimate […] Read More

I have been thinking about what President Obama said near the end of his farewell address. He said that the most important person in the country is still the citizen. As President-elect Trump assumes office, it will be a great challenge for our leaders on all sides to move the country forward. It has been […] Read More

Donald John Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, Jan. 20. Regardless of who we voted for, it is imperative for people of faith to pray for our new president and for other local, state and national leaders. Our nation will be recovering for quite some time […] Read More

Raise your hand if you thought the political tensions within your congregation would subside after the November election? Think again. Those tensions have simply morphed, creating a different focus. Post-election, the tension centers around our biblical mandate to pray for all duly elected officials, including our new president, while reserving the right to call out […] Read More

Did you pray for President Barack Obama during his presidency? Will you pray for President Donald Trump during his? If not, then you have become derelict in one of the most significant and strategic of our Christian duties. Scripture seems to indicate that for the community of faith the issue is not debatable. The Apostle […] Read More

The 2016 campaign season proved once again how clearly our nation divides herself along political lines. This year’s discourse among candidates felt less civil as debates degenerated into spectacle. Social media posts and public protests continue to illustrate the contentious divide in our nation. We are witnessing and possibly participating in a conversation that is […] Read More

Scholars of presidential rhetoric often compare presidential inaugurations to religious ceremonies, with the occasions serving to reinforce the nation’s civil religious expectations. Following tradition, President Barack Obama’s inaugural festivities today remain covered with religious garb – from the oath of office to the personalities on the platform to even the fact that the ceremony is […] Read More

Editor’s note: The column below is a response to Jim Evans’ article Inauguration Reminds Us of What Prayer Is, Isn’t, which we carried Jan. 19. Jim Evans seems to be overly sectarian when he says we should not have prayers at presidential inaugurations. I think he is also working with a reduced Bible. To answer […] Read More