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IMES Lebanon

Many developments have happened in academia in recent decades, which can help develop a theology of Islam far more gracious than Christians have traditionally held and assumed. One such event will be held in June. […] Read More

A conference led by the Institute of Middle East Studies brings together Christian workers from all over the world each June to learn more about Islam and the Middle East. […] Read More

With the church of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on life support and fingers regularly pointing at Islam as the cause of its demise, there are three challenges to be faced: 1. Widespread negative views of Islam and Muslims. 2. The possibility of Christianity as we know it ceasing to exist. 3. An […] Read More

The church of the Middle East is on life support, and fingers regularly point at Islam as the cause of its demise. Some, like influential popular historian Philip Jenkins, have already begun to toll the funeral bells. How do you prepare future leaders for the Arab church in such circumstances? And are there lessons to […] Read More

Would you believe it? It turns out that more than 12 conferences and consultations have already been organized by international Islamic bodies in order to condemn the behavior of ISIS in the year following the group’s emergence in the summer of 2014. Even though their lists of conclusions and recommendations are extensively available online, they […] Read More

Cairo, Egypt, is one of the world’s largest metropolises. Many people associate Cairo with the Giza Pyramids, with one of the most impressive national museum collections in the world, and with the more recent iconic images of protests in Tahrir Square during the early days of the so-called Arab Spring. If you have visited Cairo, […] Read More

Many churches in Lebanon are providing assistance including food, blankets, clothing or education to refugees, most of whom are from Syria. They also engage refugees in a variety of other social and religious activities within the everyday life of the church. Churches are doing this as an expression of Christ’s love for all people and […] Read More

Stories from two different ethnic minorities in the Arab Muslim world – the Kurds and the Algerian Amazigh (historically known as the Berbers) – provide insight into faith and social identity. I spoke with a young Amazigh woman about how her people perceive Arabs, and she told me that the Amazigh perceive Arabs as colonizers. […] Read More

Like many concerned with the news in and around Lebanon, I receive regular updates from The Daily Star, one of the English language news providers in Lebanon. Almost daily, I receive, via my phone, a brief news feed with updates on the latest roadside blast, suicide bomber or government attack, along with the fatality and […] Read More