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Fifteen years ago, 189 world leaders gathered to agree on an ambitious and inspirational global development plan: the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals sought to halve poverty, dramatically reduce child and maternal mortality, fight disease and increase the amount of people with access to clean water. It has been an ambitious undertaking. While many […] Read More

The global population considered food insecure has declined by 167 million since 2005 and by 216 million since 1992, according to a new report issued by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme. Yet 795 million people remain malnourished with 780 million of these […] Read More

The Circle of Protection is calling 2016 presidential candidates to “give focused attention to poverty in their campaigns.” This alliance of Christian ministers who oppose budget cuts that negatively impact society’s most vulnerable groups will hold a press conference at 9 a.m. (ET) Jan. 15 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The conference […] Read More

One in seven persons across the U.S. seeks food assistance, according to a report from Feeding America. Its report, Hunger in America 2014, said that the Feeding in America network provided food to 46.5 million people of whom 12 million were children and 7 million were senior adults. The majority of the network (62 percent) […] Read More

The bishop of Oxford, John Pritchard, went with Church of England minister Keith Hebden to deliver a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, about 70 miles northwest of London. The letter, signed by 46 bishops and more than 600 church leaders, called the British government to take urgent action about […] Read More

I have been a fan of Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy for several years and have incorporated clips from the first movie into my ministry on a variety of occasions. In Collins’ fictional dystopian future, the country of Panem (formed from the remains of North America) is ruled by a small, wealthy minority in the […] Read More

Many years ago when we were trying to sell our house, a real estate agent gave us a long list of small things we could do to improve the house’s appeal to potential buyers.  One tip was to bake bread before a showing. “It makes a house smell like a home,” she said. Bread, home and […] Read More

Nothing reveals the upside-down nature of God’s Kingdom quite as much as Jesus’ response to the devil’s temptations (see Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13). Satan offered Jesus a range of right-side-up options, straight out of the world’s political and religious lexicon. And Jesus passed on them all. In doing so, he left us a model to […] Read More

The soft rain slowly fell just beyond the edge of the balcony. Because of its larger size, this blessed appendage – which hangs out over the street, four stories below – is referred to by the Greeks as a veranda. How cool was my elevated seat at noon on this October day in Athens. How […] Read More

For a long time, I have been a supporter of the organization known as Food for the Hungry, which was founded in 1971 and has, for many years, been an international organization. Food for the Hungry/Japan was formed in 1981, and, for many years, Eisuke Kanda was the head of it. In the 1980s, we […] Read More