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To be humble is to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground, to carry the smell of the earth. Humble folks know they’re not the center of the earth but also know they aren’t second-rate pieces of dirt either. […] Read More

Often overshadowed by our rousing choruses, the events of the Christmas story reflect an inclusive humility. When you begin to notice it, it’s hard to miss the emphasis on the “lowliness” of what is portrayed in the narrative. […] Read More

What is it within us that has us hungry for power and dominance, even if we never explicitly act on it? There is the gnawing need to be right, the aggressive drive to be first and the lurking fear that stands in the way of admitting mistakes. […] Read More

What might be three essential faith practices we should take with us on our 40-day journey toward Easter? On the Sunday before Lent at my congregation, I suggested these based off of Micah 6:8: justice, kindness and humility. Justice is such a hot button word in faith communities these days. Religious folks of all kinds […] Read More

Virgil Morrison Jr. was a 68-year-old man when I met him. Everyone called him “Junior,” but there was nothing junior about him. He was 6-foot-5 and weighed 300 pounds. He smiled an endearing, toothless smile. His feet were size 16, his shoes looked like boats. He was balding, with clumps of white hair on the […] Read More

I was captivated by the sounds around me on a recent early morning walk in the woods. The frost-covered rye grass crunched beneath my feet. The wind swished through the loblolly pines. The crows cawed to each other in a language only they understood. Paying attention to all of these sounds reminded me that we […] Read More

The best song of the year at the Country Music Association’s 2016 awards was “Humble and Kind.” It’s a timely, needed song for getting America back to basics after a bruising, nasty, disappointing presidential election. Let’s read the words. Let’s watch the video. Let’s sing along; let’s live the song. One treasured verse says, “Go […] Read More

There was a time when I found a rant satisfying. It was a cathartic putting right of the world, or at least a therapeutic binge of self-expression that, even if it didn’t persuade others, made me feel a lot better. If I were to revert to the rant as default setting for responding to that […] Read More

If you live in Washington, D.C., New York City or Philadelphia, everything about your life patterns last week was altered by these words, “The pope’s in town.” We changed our commute times. We braved the crowds and packed public transportation like sardines to get a glimpse of the holy man. We saw “pope” memorabilia fill […] Read More

There are now more than 7 billion people on this earth, and each one of us feels that he or she is the center of the universe. That accounts for most of the problems we have in the world, in our neighborhoods and in our families. And no one’s to blame for this, save God […] Read More