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Humanitarian Aid

Among some Christians you will often hear the aphorism: “Everything happens for a reason.” Really? How in the wake of hurricanes, internally displaced persons, floods, earthquakes and shattered infrastructures does one maintain this? It seems to infer divine intent in even the most devastating circumstances. The Bible does teach that suffering is instructive; however, it […] Read More

More than half (3.5 million) of all school-aged refugees (6.4 million) did not attend school in 2016, according to a U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) report released on Sept. 12. The percentage of refugee children with access to primary schooling increased 11 points to 61 percent in 2016. Yet, this remains significantly lower than […] Read More

Roughly 40 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) are currently in 50 nations, according to a United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) report. Displaced by conflict, impacts of climate change and natural disasters, most IDPs are forced to live away from their homes for several years, and some for decades. “Protracted conflict, […] Read More

A heavily armed CRS, or Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (the French National Police), officer brought his baton down on my hand as he prevented me from carrying a box of food to a group of refugees. This unnecessary aggression reinforced a total prohibition on helping people in desperate need. This is Calais, France, in 2017, […] Read More

I visited again in mid-May the site of the so-called “Jungle” in Calais, France, where refugees had created a makeshift camp. I caught up with friends in the warehouse, met new people in the Catholic worker house and went shopping with my favorite monk. And I went to see where food distribution takes place on […] Read More

More than 2 million children in South Sudan have fled their homes. The number of child refugees is now more than a million and another million-plus are internally displaced as a result of the nation’s ongoing civil war. Additionally, “nearly three quarters of the country’s children are out of school – the highest proportion of […] Read More

Baptist and Catholic leaders have addressed the United Nations’ Feb. 20 formal declaration of famine in South Sudan. The South Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat issued a pastoral letter on Feb. 23 emphasizing that the ongoing civil war, which has displaced millions and caused the current famine, has “no moral justification whatsoever.” Edward Dima, pastor of […] Read More

In the aftermath of storms that swept the southeastern U.S., the national Woman’s Missionary Union and the WMU Foundation have awarded a $5,000 grant from the Humanitarian Emergency Aid for Rebuilding Tomorrow (HEART) Fund to assist international students and the children of missionaries attending William Carey University in Mississippi. “My first thought after witnessing the […] Read More

The Syrian crisis is a seminal moment in history, requiring the international community to take stock of how it responds to such conflicts. I explained previously how Syria is the defining humanitarian aid crisis of our time and how it is not another war. Here, I share two final observations about the conflict: 1. Since […] Read More

There are times in history when, because of the horrors of the events, the international community is forced to take stock. In recent history, the Biafran crisis of the late 1960s was one such time, out of which Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was formed and a new way of responding to humanitarian crises began to […] Read More