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Human Trafficking

Continuing a multiyear trend of increases, the number of reported human trafficking offenses in the United States increased in 2018 to nearly 1,400 offenses, according to an annual FBI report. […] Read More

Domestic labor trafficking in the U.S. is often overlooked by the public, and U.S. labor laws that protect workers generally exclude domestic laborers, a new report says. […] Read More

About 24.9 million persons are currently enslaved in sex or labor trafficking worldwide, and a new report says many countries often overlook human trafficking that takes place within their own borders. […] Read More

Most of us think child labor trafficking happens in third-world countries. That’s true but it also happens in the U.S., so we need to be aware of situations that don’t “feel right” and report them. Here are 3 steps you can take. […] Read More

Child labor trafficking goes on all around us. If a child says he or she is being forced to work for little or no pay or is in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, we must be ready to take steps to ensure their safety. […] Read More

Victims of trafficking often end up with criminal records resulting from forced actions during enslavement, making it hard to rebuild their lives after being freed. The laws of most states don’t provide adequate relief. […] Read More

Every time we make a purchase, we are making a moral judgment. For some of our purchases, we need to face the moral consequences of what we do. We buy our luxuries at the cost of human misery. […] Read More

A weeklong International Consultation to Women in Prostitution conference raised awareness among Baptists of the issue of sexual exploitation. Here is how they’re making a difference. […] Read More

State representatives, advocates and leaders of faith-based organizations in Texas gathered on the capitol steps for a human trafficking awareness and prevention rally. […] Read More

Human trafficking has reached “horrific dimensions” in areas of conflict, a U.N. report revealed. The average number of trafficking victims per country has spiked nearly 70 percent in six years. […] Read More