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Human Rights

The question of the role of government versus individual rights is at least as old as the 17th century, but a major problem in debates over that role is the shortsightedness of people up and down the ideological spectrum. […] Read More

Truth is an important and frequently mentioned subject in the Scriptures, yet religious people often seem most easily manipulated by those denying reality. As religious leaders, we need to help congregants become seekers of truth. […] Read More

Would you consider withholding a lifesaving procedure, like CPR, from a COVID-19 patient? Many of us would do whatever we could to save a human life, but the reality for healthcare workers is the answer is not always so clear-cut. […] Read More

Twenty-five years after one of the most progressive blueprints for women’s rights was passed, progress remains uneven and, in some cases, has even reversed. It’s time to push back against the pushback, a UN official said. […] Read More

Religious beliefs are being used to justify discrimination around the world, a UN report found. Women, girls and LGBTQIA+ persons are most often the focus of religiously justified discrimination. […] Read More

With over two-thirds of respondents in 34 nations calling it ‘very important,’ freedom of religion is among the most highly valued rights globally, but public appreciation varies widely between nations, a report said. […] Read More

While women’s employment rights and prospects have improved overall, significant hindrances remain in many countries, as women are only granted around 75% of the rights men have in the global workforce, a report said. […] Read More

President Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan, but his roadmap is doomed to fail because it can’t be carried out without a solid moral foundation rooted in justice, equality and love. Here’s what’s missing. […] Read More

Christians experiencing high levels of persecution rose 6% in 2019 to 260 million persons, a report said. The nations where Christians face the highest persecution are North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan. […] Read More

If protesters and dissidents, many of them millennials, can surpass single-issue politics to embrace a broader vision of social and cultural transformation, they may provide the seeds of hope for a new decade. It’s a big “if.” […] Read More