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Holy Week

‘Truth and Hope’

The prophetic tradition of truth-telling anchored in hope is exactly what we need in this particularly perilous time in which fear and uncertainly seek to rule our days. Walter Brueggemann’s timely new book hits the mark. […] Read More

Rediscovering Life

Our churches may be empty on Easter morning, but rediscovering life in a global pandemic might mean rediscovering the church’s mission. What if the church rediscovered the Jesus-model of working and relating within the world? […] Read More

The pandemic has attacked the very illusions we live by. In short, we need one another. Not simply when we are faced with viral contagion. We are created for one another, to flourish together or not at all. […] Read More

Thanks to the coronavirus global pandemic, the most striking feature of this Lent is you have had to ‘give up’ something you never contemplated: Your entire view of who you are and what it means to be human. […] Read More

Church facilities are closed, programs and services canceled or shifted to ‘virtual’ services. Things are not normal this year. Perhaps it’s an appropriate time to examine what ‘holy’ really means when we think about Holy Week. […] Read More

As we find ourselves in perilous times, we also find ourselves seeking hope. As Holy Week quickly approaches, good faith people can connect with the Jesus story more this year than any before. Look for the helpers – then and now. […] Read More

During Holy Week, let’s come together as a Christian community and practice resurrection. As both Parisians and black Baptists continue to mourn the loss of their precious symbols, let us join with them to help rebuild. […] Read More

The cross of Jesus is not an isolated transaction that changes the divine relationship to humanity. Rather, as I noted yesterday, it seems to be a disclosure of the pattern of God’s relationship to the human family all along. Continuing the reflection on the pattern of the testimony, which is the covenant community’s expression of […] Read More

Good Friday was bad long before it was good, at least from outward appearances. God was being crucified by all that can go bad in the world: pride, jealousy, distrust, wound, self-interest, sin. It’s no accident the Gospels tell us that, as Jesus was dying, it grew dark in the middle of the day. Few […] Read More

The annual cycle of the church’s participation in the biblical drama keeps alive in our tradition the foundational experiences that make us who we are. In that drama, we are invited to graft our story onto that story, making it our own. Another implicit part of that invitation is to see the part of the […] Read More