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Detention centers for undocumented immigrants are not the same as Nazi concentration camps, but the border situation is clearly horrible and seems to be getting worse. Is this really the America we want? […] Read More

Anti-Semitism. Racial prejudice and violence. Welcoming refugees from a minority religious background. The relationship between church and state. These societal problems dominate the headlines, and thoughtful Christians are wondering how their faith can inform their responses to such pressing concerns. None of these problems is novel; Baptists throughout the United States wrestled with all of […] Read More

President Trump complained earlier this year about the media’s failure to pay due attention to Islamist terrorist attacks, and the administration offered a specific list of such events. In some cases, his complaint was unfair, but the list did include many overseas attacks known only to experts and largely ignored by media. In turn, critics […] Read More

Twice a year the Holocaust is recognized and remembered through international observances. January 27 was chosen as International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the U.N. general assembly in 2005 because it is the anniversary of the liberation of the horrendous and unparalleled death camp, Auschwitz, in 1945. At Auschwitz, some 1.2 million people were murdered. Most […] Read More

I have a very good friend who every now and again passes on his used copies of The Tablet and The Times Literary Supplement (TLS). The first is a long established Catholic weekly full of news, reflection, critique and comment on all things Catholic and many things not. The TLS is also a weekly, and […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) A schismatic British bishop who said he didn’t believe the Holocaust claimed 6 million Jews faces a reduced fine of 6,500 euros ($9,110) for incitement, a German appeals court ruled Monday (July 11). The fine levied against Bishop Richard Williamson is less than both the 12,000 euros prosecutors had demanded and the 10,000 […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) The case of an outspoken schismatic bishop headed back to court on Monday (July 4), with lawyers for British Bishop Richard Williamson saying he shouldn’t be punished for downplaying the severity of the Holocaust. Williamson, 71, was convicted last year after he told a Swedish broadcast team in 2008 that “no more than […] Read More

(RNS) After strong criticism from the Jewish community, Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican backpedaled from his praise of the controversial wartime Pope Pius XII for his “actions to save the Jews” during the Holocaust. “Given the fact that this context is still under the subject of ongoing and future research, passing my personal historical judgment […] Read More

I returned to Israel this month in the good company of David Coffey, now our BMS global ambassador, to join with Israel’s Baptists and celebrate their centenary. When I came here last year, most of my time was spent with Arab Christians and Muslims, both in Nazareth and on the West Bank. The visit made […] Read More

CLEVELAND (RNS) The case that led to John Demjanjuk’s conviction in Germany on Thursday (May 12) was laid out 10 years ago in a Cleveland courtroom, where lawyers sparred over his wartime past. At the time, prosecutors said he was a Nazi guard at an extermination camp. Defense attorneys said he was a prisoner of […] Read More