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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The morality and effectiveness of using condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS will be on the agenda at a Vatican conference this weekend (May 27-28), six months after comments by Pope Benedict XVI again touched off worldwide controversy. The conference, which will focus on “the centrality of care” in preventing and treating HIV/AIDS, is […] Read More

When Macarena Aldape cleans a wound or treats a rash, her Banjara patients often ask her why she is helping them.  The Banjara people’s socio-economic status often limits their access to healthcare, education and jobs with decent wages. “The same God who created you created me and loves us,” Macarena Aldape, a registered nurse, tells […] Read More

Churches across the UK have been encouraged to step up their commitment to tackling the global AIDS pandemic. The call came from a variety of Christian HIV and AIDS charities and agencies ahead of World AIDS day on Monday. More than 2.1 million people died from AIDS related illnesses last year alone. Nearly 7,000 people […] Read More

CNN’s Campbell Brown correctly identified “True Love Waits” as an abstinence program in Sunday’s Compassion Forum with the Democratic presidential candidates focusing on faith issues. But she failed to challenge the Southern Baptist Convention president’s exaggerated claim crediting the faith-based program with reducing the rate of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. SBC President Frank Page asked Sen. […] Read More

Did the American government invent AIDS as a genocidal tool against African-Americans, as claimed by Jeremiah Wright, the controversial preacher best known as Sen. Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor? “The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color,” the now retired pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of […] Read More

In 1992, Mike Huckabee was running for a seat in the United States Senate. As part of that process, he filled out the questionnaire sent to candidates by the Associated Press, which they use to develop background knowledge for reporting on the candidates. These statements were recently reprinted by the New York Times. When asked […] Read More

Fifty faith-based and policy-advocacy organizations lobbied Congress March 12, urging support for issues vital the world’s poorest children. The lobbying effort came on the heels of a weekend international conference focusing on the status of children around the world. Children’s Defense Fund Founder and President Marian Wright Edelman delivered Sunday’s keynote address to about 1,000 […] Read More

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1. Around the world there have been special seminars and public gatherings to call attention to the fact that 40 million individuals have HIV. Among those infected are members of our own Baptist community. Yet HIV/AIDS is not just a one-time-a-year issue. It is a global issue that demands our […] Read More

An estimated 64,000 people worldwide will die from AIDS, and 88,000 will be newly infected during the week-long meeting to the Baptist World Alliance in Mexico City, said a presenter in a forum on AIDS/HIV ministries. A program leader said 2006 is the 25th anniversary of the start of this pandemic disease. Another forum leader, […] Read More

Every day in Africa, 6,500 people die from the HIV/AIDS virus–and people are beginning to notice. Dan Haseltine of the Christian band Jars of Clay wants to bring the Christian community face-to-face with its responsibilities concerning the HIV/AIDS crisis ravaging Africa. “God has given us a mandate, a privilege … to see God’s hand of […] Read More