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Instead of giving voice to their fears, many pretend or tolerate persons from other cultures. Sometimes, however, they speak those fears aloud. America is supposed to be a melting pot, but who’s in charge of the ingredients? […] Read More

Are my books banned in Arizona? Arizona school districts that are largely comprised of Mexican-Americans have been forcedtoeliminate ethnic-studies programs because they are allegedly un-American, apparently teaching hatred and ethnic unrest. To facilitate the process, the Tucson Unified School District released the titles of its banned books to avoid “biased, political and emotionally charged” teaching. […] Read More

Our capitalist economic structure in the 21st century has become the means by which a new color and ethnic line has been drawn. The vast majority of the poor – those locked out of the economic benefits this country has to offer – are and will be persons of color. Even though past generations of […] Read More

Santos is a fifth-grader at my school. When he was in second grade, he was in my classroom for the first half of the school year. His parents are migrant workers, so when the spring, summer and fall work on South Carolina farms slows and stops with the winter winds, they take their family to […] Read More

There is a wonderful scene in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” where the all-white jury has returned an unjust verdict against Tom Robinson. Atticus Finch begins to wearily walk out of the courthouse. Jem and Scout are in the balcony with the black folks of the county. They all rise as Atticus walks […] Read More

Desi Arnaz played the role of Ricky Ricardo in the popular 1950s sitcom “I Love Lucy.” Hanging on his dressing room door was a sign that read, “English is broken here.” For those of us who are Hispanic, our “broken” English serves as a reminder that we do not belong. And even when some of […] Read More

We made a circle for our guided reading time. I sat down in my trusty old Hinkle rocking chair. My students sat down crisscross applesauce on their red carpet squares. My second-graders’ stomachs were full and their energy level was low. They were ready to hear a story. I held up our book, “Moses: When […] Read More

Faith leaders were sharply critical to diplomatic in their responses to President Barack Obama’s El Paso speech that had been billed as a major address on comprehensive immigration reform. Obama’s 12-minute speech mocked Republicans and in two short paragraphs spelled out his understanding of comprehensive immigration reform. “[A] trip to the border town of El […] Read More

Democrats’ spineless attempts to pass comprehensive immigration reform when they controlled the Congress – coupled with the prevailing racist Latino-phobia demonstrated by incoming Republican House committee chairs – mean that Latinas and Latinos will be facing probably the most anti-Hispanic Congress in memory. But the real threat lies not in Washington, D.C., but in many […] Read More

Yes, elections do have consequences – and for Hispanics, those consequences are negative. The House going Republican is devastating for Latino and Latina constituents. The recent announcement of committee chairs for the 112th Congress clearly indicates that the new Republican House leadership is detrimental to the Hispanic community’s well-being. Heaven help our people as the […] Read More