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EDISON, N.J. (RNS) A group of Hindus can sue an Edison restaurant for money to travel to India, where they say they must purify their souls after eating meat, a state appellate court panel ruled Monday (July 18). The decision reinstates a lawsuit filed against Moghul Express, the restaurant that admitted it accidentally served meat-filled […] Read More

Bangalore, India (RNS/ENInews) Churches in India have joined other faiths and political leaders in calling for calm after a court ruled that a religious site violently disputed by Hindus and Muslims should be split between the two groups. The high court of northern Uttar Pradesh state issued its ruling Thursday (Sept. 30) in the protracted […] Read More

(RNS) Officials in Buddhist-majority Bhutan have barred Hindu and Buddhist clergy from voting in upcoming elections in order to keep a clear distinction between religion and politics. The landlocked Himalayan nation considers Mahayana Buddhism the state religion and funds a large monastic community, but also requires religion to be above politics. The country‚Äôs regulatory authority […] Read More

WASHINGTON (BWA) A global Baptist leader decried attacks targeting Christians in the state of Orissa in eastern India. More than 600 churches have reportedly been demolished, 4,000 Christians forced to flee from their villages and at least 25 killed as a result of religious violence. Riots erupted after a Hindu religious leader and four of […] Read More

An organization claiming to represent 2 million American Hindus includes Southern Baptist Convention Web sites in a report citing “hatred and intolerance” toward the Hindu faith on the Internet. A 52-page report by the Hindu American Foundation exposes what the group calls evidence of religious hate and bigotry. Modeled after efforts of human-rights groups like […] Read More