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To Hell and Back

A sermon delivered by David Hughes, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, Nc., on February 26, 2012. Genesis 9:8-17; 1 Peter 3:17-22 The phrase “to hell and back” has been used many times for many reasons.   For example, some might say this phrase captures how they feel after they return home from taking a tough final […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Howard Batson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Tx., on August 7, 2011.  Luke 16:19-31 He is a master communicator, and I have no doubt teaches and writes with the best of intentions. I sense within him a great love for all humankind and a passion to reach people with the story […] Read More

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (RNS) For millennia, people have been trying to imagine what happens after death. Is there an afterlife, a heaven? Who gets in? And what happens to those who don’t? Books trying to provide answers to these age-old questions continue to be best-sellers, and some, like “Love Wins” by Michigan megachurch pastor Rob […] Read More

(RNS) While Americans have debated whether Osama bin Laden’s body belongs at the bottom of the Arabian Sea, most agree on the final destination of his soul: in hell. A new poll released Wednesday (May 11) reports that most Americans (82 percent) believe bin Laden distorted the teachings of Islam to suit his own purposes, […] Read More

Belief in an afterlife – and the summary belief that eternity can be one of either eternal reward or punishment – is inextricably linked to historic expressions of Christianity. And as you also might have heard, rejection of the doctrine of eternal punishment – hell – is apparently being thoughtfully questioned in a new book […] Read More

Heavenly Hypothetical

A sermon delivered by David Hughes, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, Nc., on November 7, 2010. Luke 20:27-40 Even pastors have questions about heaven. For example, I wonder what it will be like when my step-mother (Betty) first meets my mother (Ann) in heaven!  Many of you know that after my mother died nine years […] Read More

TORONTO (RNS) “Hell is a half-filled auditorium,” wrote the poet Robert Frost. In Canada, it’s slightly less full. According to new poll, a bit more than half of Canadians believe in heaven, but less than a third believe in hell. About 53 percent said they believe in life after death; about 27 percent said they […] Read More