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I see our healthcare crisis as a crisis of communion. On Sunday mornings, when my congregation sets the table for the Lord’s Supper, we set upon it loaves of bread, which we call the Body of Christ, and a cup, which we call the blood of Christ. We place the table in the center of […] Read More

Efficient and effective integration of healthcare with other rehabilitative initiatives is essential to reducing recidivism, according a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts released on Oct. 18. “Emerging research suggests that underlying health issues, particularly substance use disorders and mental illness, contribute to incarceration and recidivism, and that treatment, combined with seamless care continuity for […] Read More

Maybe you remember the desperate and destitute sharecropper in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath,” who was being evicted from farming the land by its owners who had to return it to the bank. The “owner men,” as Steinbeck called them, “were all caught in something larger than themselves. Some of them hated the mathematics […] Read More

Many are anxious as a rending of the health care safety net is transpiring. Decisions are underway that threaten to exclude a growing sector of the population from basic access. The tension between federal and state responsibilities will only grow, and each will resort to blaming the other. Preserving the wealth of the few by […] Read More

U.S. children have seen improvement over the past five years in 11 of 16 areas that serve as key indicators of well-being, according to a report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF). The organization focuses on “developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes.” […] Read More

The Trump administration’s 2018 budget proposal has, like all presidential budgets, received mixed reviews. Its overall goal of decreasing the national debt by reigning in spending is a worthy endeavor that should be commended. Spending more than we take in is unwise and unsustainable, whether on a personal or national scale. As President Trump rightly […] Read More

Nurses deserve our utmost gratitude as they literally keep us alive physically, in addition to meeting our social, emotional and spiritual needs. May 12 is International Nurses Day, and I want to celebrate the work of nurses by offering a theological reflection on this vocation. As a hospital chaplain, I have the opportunity to observe […] Read More

One of the lectionary readings for the fourth Sunday of Easter (May 7) was a passage in 1 Peter, most likely addressed to slaves. It perpetuates “redemptive violence” as essential to the story of salvation: “For it is a credit to you if, being aware of God, you endure pain while suffering unjustly” (1 Peter […] Read More

Churches are a pipeline for gift-giving throughout the year – and especially during the Christmas season. University Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, pastored by Michael Cheuk, collected groceries to provide the food items necessary to prepare a Christmas meal for local families in need. The bags of food will be distributed by a local nonprofit […] Read More

Churches are gift-giving institutions during the Christmas season. First Baptist Church of Bristol, Virginia, has partnered with a local nonprofit that coordinates with their county’s Department of Children’s Services to provide gifts for foster children. The congregation, where Ronnie Brewer serves as pastor, sponsored 21 children this December. On Dec. 19, members of Second Baptist […] Read More