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Television commercials offer cultural insight, with their content and presentation methods serving as a tool for social analysis. On a recent evening, my wife and I were watching a sit-com via a network’s streaming option, and I noticed that the same ads were repeated during most commercial breaks. Two ads were for food products, containing […] Read More

The parable in Luke 15:8-10 has to be one of the shortest Jesus shared with his listeners. It’s the one about the woman who loses one of her 10 coins and scours her residence to find it. When the lost coin is found, she calls together her friends and neighbors and they celebrate the restoration […] Read More

Compartmentalization is the bane of authentic faith. When we begin to divide the realms of our life from one another, the end result looks very different than loving God with “all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” We become a house divided, living an increasingly incongruent life. If our Christian faith does not impact our […] Read More

I’m a Chicagoan. Been here – in spirit all the time and in body most of the time – for 50 years now. So, I know, from experience, a thing or two about “clout.” In the most generous rendering of it, clout has to do with the power – political, economic, social, personal and, yes, […] Read More

Each Wednesday evening after prayer meeting, I walk to the third floor of our facilities to view the answer to many people’s prayers. Our church has a medical clinic there, which makes it possible for anyone without insurance to see a doctor or a dentist and get their prescriptions filled. This year, the clinic is […] Read More

Doctors can pray with their patients – as long as they ensure patients are receptive to the offer. Three separate pronouncements in the last month have appeared to clarify a controversial position for healthcare professionals. New guidance from the Medical Defence Union quotes a senior figure at the GeneralMedicalCouncil (GMC) saying that a “tactful offer” […] Read More

Our 10-month-old grandson recently went through a medical emergency. His immune system was compromised, and his body was under assault from an infection. He needed immediate treatment, and the diagnosis called for him to receive intravenous immunoglobulin. This is a concentrated dose of antibodies, extracted from blood plasma, which helped his body fight off the […] Read More

Robert Parham begged the right question in his piece, “Nation Weighs in on Remedies to Obesity” – Does the faith community have anything to say about food? I have spent more than 10 years working with folk from many congregations of numerous faith groups who wanted to learn about ministries of health, and over the […] Read More

There is extensive evidence that Christians live longer and remain healthier than other people, according to a new report. An “overwhelming majority” of scientific studies highlight positive health benefits from practicing the Christian faith, says the Christian Medical Fellowship, which has looked at 1,200 studies and 400 reviews. The new report by Dr. Alex Bunn […] Read More

(RNS) Americans who are “very religious” are more likely to practice healthy behaviors than those who are less religious, a Gallup survey shows. The new findings are based on a survey of more than 550,000 people who were asked about their decisions related to healthy eating, smoking and exercise. Overall, very religious Americans scored 66.3 […] Read More