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It’s become so easy in our society to spread hate. The rise of the meme has been an interesting phenomenon. This past year, it has become something that has caused me deep concern. For the uninitiated, memes are pictures or short videos that have words overlaid across them that are usually short, quippy and intended […] Read More

It is becoming more evident with every turn of our collective experience just how toxic the public conversation and its consequent actions have become. What happened to the wisdom that once guided leaders and would-be leaders to appeal to a commitment to the common good? A national Hatfield and McCoy feud plays out daily between […] Read More

An ethical response to the Earth requires the use of imagination for proper “knowing,” says Norman Wirzba in his book, “From Nature to Creation: A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World.” In advancing this argument, he refers to a quotation from Wendell Berry’s “Life is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition,” where […] Read More

I’ve preached a lot of sermons on or around the theme of love – love of God and love of neighbor. But I’ve never preached on hate. My friend, Stuart Blythe, rector of International Baptist Theological Study Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, raised this homiletical oddity recently. His comments raised for me several considerations. Given that […] Read More

A perceptive member of our Sunday school class offered a concluding observation to our discussion of a period of ancient Israel’s history: “It seems they were best able to overcome their tribal differences when they had a common enemy.” His comment reminded me of the adage: “A religion can get along fine without a God, […] Read More

I recently attended a gathering at which an evolutionary biologist – a distinguished professor at South Carolina’s flagship university – offered his observations and answered questions from the audience following a video presentation sponsored by the National Center for Science Education. The subject of the event was exposing the flawed attempt, these days, on the […] Read More

In the first chapter of his 1967 book, “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?”, Martin Luther King Jr. describes the state of the civil rights movement in America and the state of white America’s acceptance of African Americans. He writes: “With Selma and the Voting Rights Act one phase of development in […] Read More

LONDON (RNS) A right-wing political group that had asked a controversial Florida pastor to appear at an anti-Islam demonstration next year now says it has withdrawn the invitation because β€œhe is not the right candidate for us.” Terry Jones, who gained international notoriety for threatening to burn copies of the Quran at his Gainesville church […] Read More

English-language, Arab newspaper editorials voiced deep opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, noting the lack of popular Iraqi support for occupation troops and predicting growing hatred of America. “Hatred against the US is in its peak and is still growing,” said an editorial in the Yemen Times. “The US army flew thousands of miles […] Read More