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Money can improve your feelings of well-being and happiness, but only to a point, a Gallup survey suggests. Latin American nations once again filled most of the top 10 rankings for happiest citizens. […] Read More

The Fourth of July is almost here! This midsummer holiday offers an opportunity for families and friends to gather and celebrate the freedoms of our nation. Food, fireworks and patriotic music draw us together for a day and night of fun. The Fourth of July is also an opportunity to remember. We must remember and […] Read More

U.S. citizens who are “highly religious” – praying daily and attending religious services weekly – tend to be happier, to spend time with extended family and to volunteer, according to the Pew Research Center. Forty percent of highly religious individuals said they are “very happy” with their life, compared to 29 percent of other respondents. […] Read More

There is no such a thing as pure objectivity, a view that is free of all bias. Yet that’s the claim often made by nonreligious, secular thinkers in debates about values and public policy. They argue that their views, unlike those who admit that their views are grounded in religious principles, are objective and free […] Read More

Have you noticed how easily Christians talk about God being the source of our happiness? And yet, our reaction to single people in our midst suggests something different. Single believers often encounter an assumption that being single is, by default, less happy than being in a relationship. I suspect this will not be a surprise […] Read More

Happiness is central to historical Christian faith and practice. But what does it look like and how should it be experienced? There are at least three common headings under which joy or happiness are often considered: 1. The experience of pleasures or delights, whether carnal or intellectual, aesthetic or appetitive. 2. “Eudaimonia,” the term Aristotle […] Read More

I have often enjoyed reading social critics, as diverse as Leo Tolstoy and Reinhold Niebuhr, and even one of the greatest of modern haters of Christians, Friedrich Nietzsche, whom I first started reading as an undergraduate many years ago. There is a discomfiting ring of truth in Nietzsche’s insistence that Christianity appears to be a […] Read More

Last week, the Huffington Post published an article about the Harvard Grant Study. The study followed a group of people over 75 years in an effort to discover what is most likely to make us happy and fulfilled. What might sound groundbreaking to some people ought to sound familiar to Christians. If they had just asked […] Read More

In an old Peanuts cartoon, Lucy asks Charlie Brown, “Did you ever know anyone who was really happy?” Before he answers, that effervescent Snoopy dances into the scene – head flung back, ears streaming in the wind, a wide and giddy grin lighting up his face. He vibrates fun and hums silliness. He dances across each […] Read More