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GWB is coming again to your television, this time courtesy of a new network that focuses on African Americans. “Beneath the Skin: Baptists and Racism,”’s award-winning documentary, will be broadcast multiple times in late July and early August on Soul of the South Network (SSN). These broadcasts will be followed later in August with […] Read More

One of the real pleasures of documentary filmmaking is getting to spend some intentional time with people – that is, directed moments together that can include conversation, observation, contemplation. People of all ages have impressed me, but perhaps no group more so than those with decades of experience. Age affects each of us differently, but […] Read More

Christian leaders – representing the broadest expression of American Christianity – have agreed on a five-point statement calling for immigration reform. Catholic, Pentecostal, Orthodox and Mainline Protestant bishops were joined by evangelical ministers, social justice leaders and an array of other clergy at the annual meeting of Christian Churches Together, held last week in Austin, […] Read More

President Obama wants to change the federal immigration law more than he seemingly wants to change the national ethos related to the undocumented. Changing the former without changing the latter leaves the nation divided. It breeds resentment against immigrants. Obama calls for comprehensive immigration reform, while he uses language that feeds negative narratives about the […] Read More

Denominational executives and Christian leaders at the annual 2013 meeting of Christian Churches Together (CCT) will view an ecumenical documentary on faith and immigration produced by Founded in 2006, CCT has a broader membership than either the National Council of Churches of Christ or the National Association of Evangelicals. It includes evangelical, Orthodox, Pentecostal, […] Read More

As thousands of delegates, elected officials and guests flocked to Charlotte, N.C., for the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) assembled an ecumenical panel in the midst of it all to inject faith into political considerations of immigration. After the screening of the Baptist-produced, largely Methodist-financed documentary “Gospel Without Borders” at […] Read More

Up to five “UndocuBus” freedom riders plan to attend the Baptist Center for Ethics-sponsored faith and immigration event from 2-4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church in downtown Charlotte, N.C., during the Democratic National Convention. They are part of a group that left Phoenix in late July on a bus trip that […] Read More

When two Catholic bishops, two Episcopal bishops, one Methodist bishop, one Lutheran bishop and one AME Zion bishop gather in one room, what do you get? Add to the conclave a Catholic sister who has appeared recently on both “The Colbert Report” and “The O’Reilly Factor.” Include a national Baptist leader, a local Presbyter, a […] Read More

The official spokesperson on immigration for the United Methodist Church’s council of bishops praised “Gospel Without Borders” as “an excellent” documentary. “I think it is an excellent video that educates on the issue of immigration in the U.S. context,” said Minerva Carcaño, currently bishop of the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. She […] Read More

Atheists and Christians will offer competing agendas about the role of religion in the public square when the Democratic National Convention meets in Charlotte, N.C., in early September. “Religion is silly and religion has components that are inherently divisive… There is no place for any of that in the political system,” said David Silverman, president […] Read More