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The image of the frontier has always appealed to Americans. In part this is due to the sense of manifest destiny, the belief that America was the great vanguard of democracy and civilization. It was linked to the post-millennialism that was popular during the 19th century, wherein it was believed that we were living in […] Read More

(RNS) Southern Baptists meeting in Phoenix adopted a plan Tuesday (June 14) to try to boost minorities in their top leadership posts as they face continuing reports of stagnant baptism rates and declining membership. Members of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination backed the recommendation for intentionally including minorities as nominees for positions, speakers at the […] Read More

(RNS) America’s Eastern Orthodox parishes have grown 16 percent in the past decade, in part because of a settled immigrant community, according to new research. Alexei Krindatch, research consultant for the Standing Conferences of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas, said the 16 percent growth in the number of Orthodox parishes is “a fairly […] Read More

Mountains are there to be climbed. Beyond the amazing scenery, there are cross-cultural experiences and challenges awaiting the daring among us. The first time I took an interest in mountain climbing was after reading the 1953 book “Seven Years in Tibet,” the experiences of noted Austrian mountain climber and skier Heinrich Harrer. Harrer could have […] Read More