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Greg Garrett

Rodney Stark has summarized why mainline Protestant denominations in America have gone into decline and spoken with passion about what is going well within evangelical churches.   When reading Stark’s interview, for the most part, I can only nod, say he’s right and look forward. If we accept as a given the formulation that bigger […] Read More

I know that many people would rather not talk about sexual abuse in the church – or rather I not talk about it. And I would rather not talk about it, so we are all in agreement.   And that, it seems to me, must be part of the problem.   The other day at […] Read More

A man crashed his small plane on Feb. 18 into an Austin, Texas, building where employees of the Internal Revenue Service worked, killing or wounding a dozen people. It reminded a lot of people of similar crashes in New York City and Washington, D.C., eight years ago.   This pilot also chose his site for […] Read More

It’s fairly common that about the time I’m starting to think I’m something, the world, my faith or my children conspire to make sure I know how unimportant I truly am in the cosmic scheme of things. Recently, I’ve been traveling the country speaking and teaching, copy-editing manuscripts of books about to be published, and […] Read More

He’s poor, this one. No advantages, nothing but his wits and determination. But he’s going to achieve his dream. And get the girl. Because that’s how this story works. It’s a familiar narrative in American life–every rags-to-riches story in the Horatio Alger mold fits it. It’s Ben Franklin, the youngest son of the youngest son, […] Read More

Over the past five years, superhero films have been not only among the most popular movies in America, but in some cases, also some of the most theologically and spiritually-profound movies in our cinemas. I know this is quite a claim, but at their heart, superhero films are able to deal directly with some of […] Read More

The other night, we had an ethical dilemma at my house that led to the following conversation with my 6 year old: DAD: Do you know what a lie is? CHANDLER (ruefully): A lie is when you don’t tell the truth. You can bet I nodded my head at that. It was the no-nonsense definition […] Read More