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Physical distancing measures to respond to COVID-19 created an alternate universe for graduates in 2020. Our world faces a mess, yet your generation can help us clean it up. You are an inspiration. You will change the world. […] Read More

Some fear that life is too precarious to live. If life were a motorcycle, they would tell you don’t rev it up too much; don’t go into uncharted territory. Play it safe. Instead, say “yes” to the calling to be freely and fully alive. […] Read More

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Guy Sayles’ May 27 sermon that both celebrated Pentecost and recognized graduates. British humorist P.G. Wodehouse said, “I always advise people never to give advice.” His advice about not giving advice is advice we often ignore, especially during commencement season.  We can’t seem to help ourselves. We don’t seem […] Read More

A high school in Texas has been involved in a lawsuit regarding prayer at graduation. As Christians, should we be more concerned about the “right” of prayer or another individual’s faith struggle? This past weekend, Medina Valley High School in Texas held its graduation ceremony for the class of 2011. Unfortunately, this graduation ceremony was […] Read More

By the time we arrived at Paulson Stadium at Georgia Southern University, the commencement speaker was finishing up and the highlight for the 2,200 graduates was beginning. The stadium seats were packed. People stood around the perimeter or sat on the grass, each one eager to glimpse their student walking across the stage. Greg and […] Read More

We raised you to leave us. It’s not natural for you to stay in the nest forever. We want to fly, to mount up with wings as eagles. For the graduating class of 2006, life is about to change a very dramatic way. I know you are excited about spreading your wings and maybe a […] Read More

I was recently asked to give an address at a celebration given for the high school graduates at our church. I offer an edited version of it here for other graduates and those around them. I thought I might make a list for you of all the big lies you have been told, but I […] Read More

Over the next few weeks, nearly 3 million Americans will receive a high school diploma. If recent trends continue, record numbers of them will enter programs preparing for praiseworthy careers in law, health care and business. There is another statistical trend, however, which is less encouraging—the decline in the number of students preparing for careers […] Read More