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Grace Ji-Sun Kim

It is common knowledge that the perennial Food Network star, Paula Deen, has used a condescending and derogatory term toward African Americans and spoken warmly of the world of the genteel antebellum (pre-Civil War) South. Before this news-making revelation, Deen and her brother had lawsuits brought against them for sexual discrimination by a white employee. […] Read More

Uriah the Hittite, husband of Bathsheba, was an officer of the Israelite army, a native of Jerusalem and a faithful Yahwist. Uriah is a Yahwistic name meaning “Yahweh is my light/fire.” Four other Uriahs named in the Old Testament are either prophets or priests of YHWH (2 Kings 16.10-16; Jeremiah 26.20-23; Nehemiah 3.21; 8.4). Uriah […] Read More

Many mainline denominational churches, such as the Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Methodists, are struggling to survive in North America. For example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America began with 5.2 million members in 1987. In 2011, it had 4 million members. The statistics are glum, revealing that there is a decline in mainline Protestant church […] Read More

The largest Pentecostal church in the world is in Seoul, South Korea, and it represents a vibrant Christianity in this country of some 50 million people. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, associate professor of doctrinal theology at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pa., talks about the state of the Korean church in a new Skype interview with […] Read More

I love a good story. As children, we grow up with stories. We love to tell stories and hear stories. When I was a little girl, I would love to hear stories from adults. It really didn’t matter whether they were telling me a fictional, nonfictional, tall tale, exaggerated or truthful story. I just loved […] Read More

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s book “Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit.” Another excerpt appeared previously. Contrary to our personal belief, it appears that money has little effect on happiness. Rather, conspicuous consumption is causing stress on humankind and on nature. It is causing imbalances that amount to injustice. […] Read More

Raising children means packing school lunches, including a drink. Water is always a safe and preferred choice, but our household dilemma is how to send water with them. We often use water bottles, preferably reusable ones, which can be purchased in the supermarket. These bottles, whether reusable or disposable, have become a way of life […] Read More

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s book “Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit.” We live in a global economy where we affect people in poor lands as directly as we affect the poor within our own country, and we are unaware of our culpability. Decent, fair-minded persons like us benefit […] Read More

The Carnival cruise ship Triumph made headlines in February when it lost power. After four days of misery, it was towed into Mobile, Ala. There were more than 4,000 people on board who had no showers, no modern sanitation, no air conditioning, and makeshift food and sleeping arrangements. Many on board were terrified and horrified […] Read More

I had such a terrible flu that I had no idea that snowstorm Nemo was predicted. However, when it hit, everyone in its path knew that Nemo was here. That path was similar to the track Hurricane Sandy took just a few months ago. So those who were devastated by the hurricane were also snowed […] Read More