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Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Grace Ji-Sun Kim discusses COP21, the annual United Nations climate conference, taking place this year in Paris, in a new online video interview with Kim, associate professor of theology at the Earlham School of Religion, is a member of the working group on climate change for the World Council of Churches. She is also […] Read More

A mid-August game at Citi Field between the Pirates and the Mets involved good friends and good baseball. It also involved, in our section, a racial moment. Two young men brought a flag of the Republic of Korea to the game, standing quietly to display the flag each time Pirates’ rookie Jung-ho Kang came to […] Read More

“Climate change is really about human rights, human rights around the globe, especially those who are very poor,” Grace Ji-Sun Kim says. “The vulnerable … their human rights are being taken away.” Kim, visiting researcher at Georgetown University and member of the working group on climate change for the World Council of Churches, talks about […] Read More

Ancient words from Deuteronomy remind us of the relationship between conflict and the environment created by God. “If you besiege a town for a long time, making war against it in order to take it, you must not destroy its trees by wielding an ax against them. Although you may take food from them, you […] Read More

Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a visiting researcher at Georgetown University, a member of the World Council of Church’s working group on climate change and the author of six books. Grace’s articles that have appeared on are available here, and her Skype interviews are available here, here and here. 1. Where did you grow up? […] Read More

Religious bodies from around the globe have converged on New York City for an interfaith summit on the environment. Organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and Religions for Peace, the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change begins Sunday, while the United Nation’s Climate Summit takes place Tuesday, also in New York City. Grace Ji-Sun […] Read More

“To achieve this justice, both economically and ecologically, there needs to be an awareness—a real deep theological reflection on what it means to be caretakers of the earth, to take care of creation.” So says Grace Ji-Sun Kim, visiting researcher at Georgetown University and member of the Working Group on Climate Change for the World […] Read More

During a wintery storm in Chicago and much of the eastern U.S., I experienced many flight cancellations, delays and missed flights. Amid that storm, I had the opportunity to visit the Cook County Jail with Jesse Jackson and many community leaders from the Chicago area. With 12,700 inmates, the Cook County Jail is the largest […] Read More

We are seeing something new in a pope, which I haven’t seen in a long time. I am fascinated with Pope Francis’ style, which differs from the popes I have seen. However, older observers have compared him to Pope John XXIII. Much of his recent encyclical harks back to the themes of the Second Vatican […] Read More

After many of us eat fast-food, we throw away the cardboard pizza boxes, Styrofoam burger bins, wax-coated drink cups, plastic utensils and foil condiment containers. More often than not, we discard absolutely everything in which our food was served. What is worse, virtually none of this is easily recyclable. Even when these items are produced […] Read More