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I regularly read outside the world of congregational life in an effort to understand leadership issues. In Fast Company magazine, I found an article dedicated to helping startup entrepreneurs establish healthy practices. The title, “6 Signs Your Company Culture Stinks,” was a little off-putting, but I quickly recognized that much of what author Matt Ehrlichman […] Read More

Everyone has played a variation of the childhood exercise designed to teach us the damaging power of the “rumor mill.” Whether you have five or 25 people sitting in a circle, by the time a whispered secret makes it all the way around, the original statement has been twisted, reconstructed and often changed altogether. We […] Read More

Ethical speech advocates said pledging to avoid gossip one hour a day can make this world a better place. Launched by New York religious writer Irwin Katsof on Sept. 4 last year, the Words Can Heal campaign is running a series of public service ads in national newspapers, on CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX, along […] Read More