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A week after billionaire Warren Buffett called for American leaders to increase the taxes on the mega-rich, congressional Republicans called for a tax increase on the poor and middle-class. Republicans want to raise the payroll tax on everyone who makes less than $106,000 a year, having earlier opposed the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts […] Read More

As the Iowa Straw Poll came to life Saturday morning, a man wearing an NRA T-shirt and driving a golf cart for Michele Bachmann’s campaign plowed into a group of people. Before day’s end, Bachmann’s campaign similarly rode to victory in the first test of campaign organization. Her success came in large part because of […] Read More

Former U.S. Sen. Mark O. Hatfield of Oregon died at the age of 89 on Aug. 7. He was one of the last of a remarkable breed of politicians – a moderate Republican. In this day of intensely ideological politics, when RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and Blue-dog (conservative) Democrats are marked for extinction, Hatfield […] Read More

Progressive people of faith and Democrats need to take some time studying Ayn Rand to fully understand the political significance of all the conservative leaders lining up to praise her. The GOP has a huge problem if its conservative religious base finds out what Rand really believed and how influential she is within senior GOP […] Read More

A Christian polling firm found that evangelicals favor five possible Republican presidential candidates more than President Barack Obama. Even the twice-divorced, thrice-married Newt Gingrich received a higher favorability rating among evangelicals than Obama, who has been married only once and for more than 18 years. Evangelicals have identified themselves as being pro-family. Among evangelicals, Gingrich’s […] Read More

Presidents Day is a bit overshadowed by the marketing hype showered on St. Valentine, but it is a good time to reflect gratefully on those who have served in that office. Sure, they enjoy power, prestige, perks and an obvious place in history. But there is also stress, responsibility and the burden of decisions that […] Read More

House Republicans want to cut federal spending by $100 billion during the next seven months at the expense of programs protecting the poor. At the same time, Republicans want to boost security for themselves with a $12.5 million increase for Capitol Hill police.   On Friday night, Feb. 11, House Republican leaders released their proposal […] Read More

Yes, elections do have consequences – and for Hispanics, those consequences are negative. The House going Republican is devastating for Latino and Latina constituents. The recent announcement of committee chairs for the 112th Congress clearly indicates that the new Republican House leadership is detrimental to the Hispanic community’s well-being. Heaven help our people as the […] Read More

President Obama and Republicans in Congress appear willing to continue the national pastime of pandering to the wealthy at the expense of the needy. According to news reports, Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate are willing to support legislation to extend workers’ unemployment benefits that are set to expire Dec. 31 – if Obama and […] Read More

While discoursing during his final week in Jerusalem on the fate of the temple, Jesus tells his disciples that not only will it be laid to ruins (“not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down”), but also that some of the disciples will be put to death by “relatives and […] Read More