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Good Faith Media

“Good Faith After Hours,” a social event planned for June 24 during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly in Atlanta, has been canceled. […] Read More

Originally scheduled to begin in June with the launch of Good Faith Media (GFM), a new podcast – Good Faith Weekly – launched earlier than planned, providing coverage and commentary regarding the global pandemic. […] Read More

Good Faith Media, a new media company being formed by Nurturing Faith and EthicsDaily, is hosting an after-hours event this summer during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly 2020. […] Read More

Born into a legacy of Baptist frontier preachers, Molly T. Marshall blazed her own trail across the 20th and 21st centuries. A preview of a six-episode podcast about her life and work is available now from […] Read More

When EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith unite to form the faith-based media company Good Faith Media, our mission will be to offer reflection and resources at the intersection of culture and faith through an inclusive Christian lens. […] Read More

A new, expansive faith-based media company will emerge in June 2020, combining the resources of two independent, national nonprofit organizations into a new entity called Good Faith Media. […] Read More