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Golden Rule Politics

For more than 25 years, the Christian Right has carefully constructed a political myth claiming that “GOP” stands for “God’s Only Party.” Conservative Christians quickly bought into the myth. The New York Times in March 1998 quoted the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, as saying, “The go-along, get-along strategy […] Read More

The chairman of Tennessee’s Democratic Party says it’s time that progressive religious voices stop being drowned out by the Religious Right. “We need to start making our voices heard again,” Gray Sasser, a Nashville attorney elected in January to lead the state’s Democrats, said Thursday at a screening of “Golden Rule Politics,” a DVD produced […] Read More

I was privileged recently to participate in a project sponsored by the Baptist Center for Ethics. The BCE folks pulled together six ministers and four politicians, along with some other interested parties, and encouraged them to talk about “the rightful role of religion in politics.” The result is a 36-minute DVD entitled “Golden Rule Politics.” […] Read More

“What is the rightful role of faith in politics?” The new Baptist Center for Ethics’ DVD, “Golden Rule Politics,” offers a threefold answer. These answers equip people of faith with a better framework for engagement in politics, one that moves beyond false choices that create division and bypass justice. First, the rightful role of faith […] Read More

“Golden Rule Politics” is a documentary-styled DVD released in the fullness of time. The Christian Right is reeling from yet another sexual scandal. Many across the nation are still buzzing about the CNN special “God’s Warriors,” especially the segment on God’s Christian warriors. Our new 36-minute DVD asks the question of the hour: What is […] Read More

Reducing more than 20 hours of footage to 36 minutes is difficult, but that was our task in producing “Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics.” Focusing on answering a question–such as “What is the rightful role of faith in politics?”–helps give direction, as does plotting four chapters, which audiences might […] Read More

With the official start of the 2008 presidential race on Labor Day weekend, the Baptist Center for Ethics today released an educational DVD challenging a prevailing myth that GOP stands for “God’s Only Party.” “Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics” challenges a political myth constructed over 25 years by the […] Read More

A moderate Baptist ethicist said Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s men’s-room arrest–the latest in a string of scandals involving Republican politicians–is further embarrassment for the Religious Right. “None in our stunned nation are reeling more from the report about Sen. Larry Craig than the Christian Right leaders, who placed the divine blessing on the GOP as […] Read More

A Baptist Press news story validated the need for BCE’s forthcoming DVD on faith and politics. Since editorials often challenge the fundamentalist-controlled Southern Baptist Convention, an editorial thanking the SBC news service for support is now in order. A BP reporter covered the Baptist Center for Ethics’ preview screening at the general assembly meeting […] Read More

A workshop at last week’s Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly previewed an upcoming Baptist Center for Ethics DVD challenging the notion that GOP stands for “God’s Only Party.” “Golden Rule Politics” features politicians and ministers from three states answering the question, “What is the rightful role of faith in politics?” “In order to challenge a […] Read More