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God's Will

I have never been one to make serious resolutions for each new year. Moreover, since 2010 is now nearly two weeks old, I would probably be considered a little late in making any resolutions at this point. I am not opposed to making such resolutions, and I am certainly not cynical about those who make […] Read More

“The idea that Judaism starts with is that man is created in the likeness of God…. There is always the opportunity to do a mitzvah…. The central issue in Judaism is the mitzvah, the sacred act. And it is the greatness of man that he can do a mitzvah. How great we are that we […] Read More

Christians, Jews, Muslims and other theists seek to discern and follow the will of God. It may surprise them to learn that there are other religious practitioners who do not believe in a personal deity. How do you find meaning and purpose in life if you do not believe in God? Confucius and Buddha represent […] Read More