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Global Warming

Some have suggested that a cause of climate change is the poor having large families. In reality, however, climate change is becoming a major factor in perpetuating poverty in nations as much as in families. […] Read More

Many people stay silent about climate change, preferring to avoid conflict. However, when danger is imminent, it’s time to speak up. And so it is time, as people of faith, to talk about the climate crisis. […] Read More

Energy usage worldwide increased by 2.3 percent in 2018, a report said. Three nations – China, India and the United States – were responsible for 85 percent of the net emissions increase. […] Read More

Widespread agreement exists in the U.S. that the global climate is warming, but the reasons behind the temperature increase are debated, according to a Gallup survey. Sixty-three percent of respondents said that they were aware of reports that 2015 was the warmest year on record, and 69 percent affirmed that these findings were accurate. Awareness […] Read More

Babs Baugh reminds me that I’m too serious, that I need to lighten up. And of course, she is right. My seriousness does come with the territory. Immigration, Baptist-Muslim interfaith relations, poverty, incivility, climate change are all intensely serious issues. Interviewing and introducing Al Gore on his global warming work – despite intense opposition; interviewing […] Read More

Affirmation that climate change is a serious problem is most prevalent in Latin America and Africa, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. The Pew report, released a month prior to the December United Nations’ conference on climate change (known as COP21), revealed “a global consensus that climate change is a significant challenge,” with […] Read More

2014 was the Earth’s warmest year on record, announced a U.S. government agency last week. “The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for 2014 was the highest among all years since record keeping began in 1880. The December combined global land and ocean average surface temperature was also the highest on record,” the […] Read More

Recently, I awoke to flashes of lightning, deep rolling thunder and rain hitting my window. As I lay in bed contemplating whether to check the weather on television, I thought this is nothing but a mild summer thunderstorm rolling through the city. However, after this last spring in Oklahoma, I could not get out of bed […] Read More

Major weather pattern changes should be alarming news to everyone. Anne Thompson, NBC News’ chief environmental affairs correspondent, recently reported that our average global temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius and almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century. To a normal citizen, one degree doesn’t sound too alarming. Yet, one degree change in […] Read More

Hurricane Sandy was worse than anyone had imagined it to be. I have seen countless horrible images of mayhem. I can barely believe the reports. I cannot believe that some homes were burned down while others were buried under sand and water. Countless lives were shattered by just one storm. I keep viewing the pictures […] Read More