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Glen Stassen

Shirley Bogard was an impressive teenager in the Kentucky Baptist church where I was pastor. The church awarded her its scholarship for the most deserving teenager so she could train as a nurse. She was a devoted Christian and became a super-competent nurse.   Shirley, now Shirley Martin, became the nurse in Louisville and Jefferson […] Read More

Humans are caught “in an inextricable network of mutuality” that requires nations to overcome differences to work together for peace, Baptist ethicist Paul Dekar said Thursday at a special-interest session on peacemaking at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration in Atlanta. “There is no great technique that is going to bring peace,” said Dekar, Niswonger Professor […] Read More

The new Baptist covenant group faces no greater challenge than the Bible, specifically the chosen text of Luke 4:18-19, around which we will organize the 2008 celebratory gathering. That text makes all other issues pale in comparison. Explaining forthrightly the exclusion of the Southern Baptist Convention leadership, convincing the media that the meeting is about […] Read More

We are blessed with a rich heritage, a heritage that some need to reclaim, a heritage about which a new generation needs to know. A good slice of our heritage comes from Henlee Barnette, whom we honor as part of BCE’s luncheon next month at the annual meeting of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. –The 15th […] Read More

Does the present U.S. course in Iraq constitute a just war? The Christian ethic of just war theory is a time-honored method for determining whether a nation should go to war. According to this ethical method, some wars are just and some are unjust. Just wars must pass all seven rules. One of these rules […] Read More

A Baptist ethicist challenged for claiming that abortions increased under President Bush says America needs a “motherhood mandate” to ensure that women have economic security and healthcare as a deterrent to abortion. Glen Stassen, a professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, last October wrote an editorial titled “Pro-Life? Look at the Fruits,” which […] Read More

Some on the religious right have made their kind of religion a major issue in the present election campaign. They should not be met by silence. Christians should make peacemaking their central concern this year. Our future depends on it. Christians commit themselves to follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who taught his followers to […] Read More

The 9/11 Commission will continue to focus on intelligence failures. But the American people should also be asking whether foreign policy mistakes were made–and whether the cooperative pursuit of justice could prevent future terrorist attacks. I believe it could. A month before the September 2001 terrorist attacks, U.S. and Israeli representatives walked out from an […] Read More

It was a moving moment. In the 9-11 Commission hearing, former Counterterrorism Director Richard Clarke turned toward family members of those who had been killed and said: “Your government failed you…. And I failed you. And for that failure, I would ask…for your understanding and your forgiveness.” It was deeply appreciated. Widow Patty Casazza said […] Read More

Just war theory or pacifism understood simply as the restraint of war is not likely to provide satisfactory answers. What alternatives does just peacemaking theory raise for Christians to discuss, support and advocate? The government has shifted $40 billion to military spending. This doesn’t include special appropriations for the war on Afghanistan, special appropriations for […] Read More