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Born in Russia in the 1920s, Yevgeniy Yudin endured countless hardships yet persevered until he and his family immigrated to the US. In this time of discord about immigration, it is incumbent to remember stories such as Yevgeniy’s. […] Read More

In Germany, religious communities have the right to impose church taxes on their registered members. The virtually uncontroversial system provides a stable financial basis even in times of declining church membership. […] Read More

Hitler came to power out of people’s fear. They embraced an evil man, believing he was the only alternative to anarchy and communism. He promised to make Germany great again. Are we repeating history? […] Read More

When historians look back on 2015, it likely will be remembered as the year the impact of the war in Syria was finally felt in Europe. Europeans are starting to meet the hundreds of thousands of victims of horrific conflict in Syria and Iraq on their terrain. I can understand the fear that many Europeans […] Read More

BBC News reports that nearly half a million migrants have arrived in Germany so far this year, as those fleeing war-torn countries scatter not only into neighboring lands, but even into northern Europe and the United Kingdom. Thomas Klammt, coordinator of international churches for the German Baptist Union, talks about the challenges and opportunities of […] Read More

LUEBECK, Germany (RNS) Yelizaveta Paliy arrived in this northern port city from Ukraine in 1995 on the second day of Hanukkah. After years of celebrating the Jewish festival of lights behind drawn curtains in her homeland, Paliy went to Luebeck’s historic synagogue and lit the candles in freedom for the first time. “I cried like […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) New guidelines issued by Germany’s largest Protestant body advised parishioners to not invest in companies that make hard liquor, while beer and wine producers are fine. The guidelines, issued by the Evangelical (Lutheran) Church in Germany, are meant to help investors invest their money wisely but morally in the wake of the financial […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) Thousands of people turned out Thursday (Sept. 22) for Pope Benedict XVI’s first official visit to his native Germany, although at times it was hard to tell if people were there to welcome him or denounce him. There were protests all across Berlin on Thursday as hundreds of demonstrators rallied against church policies […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) A German visiting Germany isn’t normally big news. Even if it’s a famous expatriate German returning home for a visit, such returns to the homeland are hardly front-page stories. But this is a visit by Pope Benedict XVI and, strictly speaking, his first state visit as head of the Holy See to his […] Read More

BERLIN (RNS) For the first time since membership records have been kept, more Germans departed the Roman Catholic Church than were baptized into it in 2010, according to new data from Germany’s Catholic Conference of Bishops. The new statistics, which were released with little analysis or comment, showed 170,339 baptisms for the year, and 181,193 […] Read More