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George W. Bush

In a high level summit meeting held at the International AIDS Conference (IAC) in Washington, D.C., Christian groups were urged by high-level speakers to continue to make progress and forge new partnerships beyond their comfort zone in the fight against AIDS. Hosted by Rick and Kay Warren with Saddleback Church, the event featured a video […] Read More

Here are two more indicators of depraved political leadership in the United States. President George W. Bush now says he authorized the “waterboarding” interrogation technique on suspected terrorism detainees. And the Justice Department’s special prosecutor investigating the destruction of videotapes of “enhanced interrogation” of suspected al-Qaida detainees announced that CIA personnel involved in destroying the […] Read More

When President George W. Bush spoke 10 days after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, to a joint session of Congress, he made the case for war in Afghanistan. Bush gave the Afghan government an ultimatum and told the American military that the hour of war was coming.   “These demands are not open […] Read More

Oliver Stone will release his biopic of George W. Bush on Oct. 17. Prediction: Almost no one will want to see it. Starring Josh Brolin (“No Country for Old Men”) as the president, the simply titled “W” carries the tagline, “Anyone can grow up to be president.” It features a cast of characters needing only […] Read More

President Bush has invoked God to explain his warfare, according to Robert Parham on It appears, then, that the tragedy occurring on the world stage at the moment is being directed by the Almighty, and Bush sees America as the protagonist: the hero. Why Parham thinks as much is based on a New York […] Read More

When all the arguments for a failed war collapse, make God your argument. After no weapons of mass destruction, no mission accomplished, no functional democracy, no progress in Iraq, no stopping Al Qaeda from rebuilding strength to threaten the American homeland, President George W. Bush has no real argument for continuing the war in Iraq. […] Read More

A thoughtful piece on President Bush’s present state of mind caught my attention this past week. Written by Peter Baker, a staff writer at the Washington Post, the title asserts “a president besieged and isolated, yet at ease.” The president is besieged and isolated because of the Iraq war. His approval rating is lower than […] Read More

It’s a little dangerous for the preacher to get political, I know. It’s risky to speak truth to power, but the fact of the matter is, while government needs to keep itself out of institutional religion, our faith informs who we are as citizens of this country and of the world. If our faith doesn’t […] Read More

President Bush thanked Southern Baptists for their support of two justices he appointed to the United States Supreme Court, swing votes in a recent decision upholding a federal ban on partial-birth abortion. “I appreciate the fact that Southern Baptists understand the importance of fair-minded and impartial judges to our democracy,” Bush said Wednesday via satellite […] Read More

May was the deadliest month in Iraq for U.S. military personnel in 30 months of false promises, failed strategies and feckless stalling. American military fatalities last month totaled 124. The only months with higher U.S. casualties in the 4-year-old war were November 2004 with 137 deaths and April 2004 with 135. It’s time to get […] Read More