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George Liele

The rich 200-year association between Jamaican and British Baptists will be marked by a series of events this year. The links began when Jamaica invited British missionaries, such as John Rowe, to support the growth they were experiencing under George Liele, a freed slave from the United States who planted the first Baptist churches in […] Read More

As American Baptist International Ministries (IM) celebrates 200 years of mission, my attention turns to the presence of African-Americans on the mission field. I can’t help but lament that, even though African-Americans represent 12 percent of the United States’ population, they send less than 1 percent to the foreign missionary force. We have every reason […] Read More

The name, William Carey, is well known as he founded the Baptist Missionary Society and preached his inaugural sermon in 1793. What is not equally well known is that another Baptist, George Liele, began his mission work in Jamaica 10 years earlier. He arrived in January 1783 with his wife, Hannah, and their four children. […] Read More

Baptists have a reputation for being a missionary people. And that activism surely flows from the radical commitment of the early Baptists to the lordship of Jesus Christ and a fresh engagement with scripture.   Peering through nearly 1,600 years of ecclesiastical layering, they rediscovered the biblical witness to the missionary God of the Old […] Read More