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Adults repeatedly complain that youth today are lazy, don’t want to work and have no loyalty or respect for those of us who have paved the way. If that’s the case, maybe we should criticize those who set the example for them. […] Read More

Whether we are parents, teachers or just adults observing teenagers at the mall or the movie theater, it is easy to give in to the sentiment that kids today are a real mess, and therefore our society is headed for trouble. Major news carriers have nothing good to say about young people. Drugs are epidemic. […] Read More

Much has been made about Gen Y’s insistence on a balance between their work and their life. The understanding of that balance, however, is different than previous generations, mainly because technology can be invasive, blurring the lines between when one is at work and when one is “at” life. Boomers didn’t need to worry about […] Read More