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Gary Burton

Gary Burton is senior pastor of Pintlala Baptist Church in Alabama. He is a former / Baptist Center for Ethics board member. […] Read More

Some business leaders get it. Some church leaders do not. Some civic leaders get it. Some elected officials do not. Progress is hard, if not impossible, without good will. Interfaith Montgomery, reflecting a wholesome diversity among faith communities, has become the crucible in which good will thrives. Without diluting religious distinctions or compromising theological convictions, […] Read More

I chuckled when I read, “A rabbi, a priest and a minister walked into a bar. The bartender said, ‘Is this a joke?'” Well, it was no joke for me on May 29, 2005. The setting was not a bar, but the home of Rabbi Stephen Chaim Listfield in Montgomery, Ala. Since 1972 I had […] Read More

What has tarnished our image? The answer is simple, but most stumble over it: We are now defined by our policies instead of our principles. Controlling, alienating policies. What has brought about the mutation of the Baptist image in the public mind? There is a profound, but simple, answer. But first, consider the following: We […] Read More