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The lottery’s no longer the only game in town, at least in many towns across North Carolina. Recent challenges to laws regulating video poker and sneaky ways of skirting the law have led to a boom in “sweepstakes” outlets that often masquerade as Internet cafes. Unlike the typical Internet cafe where most users check email, […] Read More

For several years now, leaders of the religious right have assumed for themselves the role of advocates for morality in America. Their vision of what is virtuous and true impacts almost every area of our personal and cultural lives.   With one glaring exception.    When it comes to addressing issues of economic injustice, the […] Read More

Praying For The Lottery

This past week the multi-state Mega Millions lottery reached $330 million. On Saturday morning, there were four winners. One of them, Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett of Nottingham, Md., believes his good fortune was the result of prayer. Bartlett is a full-time accountant and a part-time teacher of Wicca. Wicca is sometimes associated with Satan worship and […] Read More

Presidential candidate John McCain invites readers on his Web site to create a bracket picking winners in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and compare their picks to his own. Four years ago the Republican senator from Arizona advocated a clear message that gambling on amateur athletics is wrong. “Get started to create your own bracket […] Read More

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff paid former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed more than $5.3 million from money Abramoff charged Indian tribes to fight measures that would have cut into their gambling profits, according to a Senate report released Thursday. The Committee on Indian Affairs report culminates a two-year investigation producing 750,000 pages of documents into questions […] Read More

Mississippi lawmakers dealt a defeat to the state’s Southern Baptists, voting Monday to allow floating casinos damaged by Hurricane Katrina to rebuild up to 800 feet inland. “We think it’s a sad day in Mississippi when money is placed over morality,” William Perkins, editor of the The Baptist Record, said in the Associated Press. “The […] Read More

“Texas Hold ’em” is now as trendy as Britney Spears due to the popularity and proliferation of poker on television. In yet another sure sign of Americans’ increasing devotion to leisure activities, watching poker on television is becoming as much of a draw as actually playing poker, though the former is spurring the latter. The […] Read More

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister and past president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, says he won’t veto a bill allowing voters in two communities to decide whether to expand electronic gambling at racetracks. Huckabee, a third-term Republican, said Wednesday he would not sign the measure opening the door to new electronic […] Read More

Marriage and gambling are the two most popular measures on state ballots Nov. 2. In all voters will decide 162 state ballot measures in 34 states, according to the Initiative & Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California, 40 fewer than in the 2002 general election. Thirteen states are asking voters to decide whether […] Read More

It was disclosed recently that the Christian Coalition of Alabama has been taking money from Indian gambling interests to oppose gambling initiatives in Alabama. In a scheme worthy of Colombian drug lords, money was filtered through Washington lobbyists who in turn gave it to the consulting firm of Ralph Reed, former national leader of the […] Read More