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Record lottery jackpots in the United Kingdom and United States have grabbed international headlines. The U.K.’s national lottery saw an unprecedented prize up for grabs last week – £66 million ($95.9 million) that was won by two folks who will share the jackpot. The U.S. Powerball lottery offers an even bigger prize – $1.3 billion, […] Read More

Fantasy football remained on the periphery of my consciousness until this season. These primarily online games allow sports fans to “draft” players to be on their virtual team. Points are earned based on football players’ performances in real-life games, with the winning fantasy player having the highest point total at the end of the league. […] Read More

Unless you are one of the three winners of the $656 million Mega Millions lottery, you lost your dream of being wealthy beyond imagination. You may be deeply disappointed that the lottery failed to deliver what you expected. If you are an informed advocate of public education, you have long since lost your hopes for […] Read More

Illinois became on Sunday morning the first state to sell lottery tickets over the internet. The state is now taking advantage of a ruling from President Obama’s Department of Justice, announced at Christmas, that legalized some forms of online gambling. “The Illinois Lottery estimates e-ticket sales could net hundreds of thousands of new players, and […] Read More

Kentucky, the state where I live, is abuzz these days with discussion over expanded gambling. The governor wants it, and conservative Christian groups don’t. This argument is hardly limited to Kentucky. I lived through it in my ancestral home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as the casino industry promised an economic turnaround if voters would […] Read More

As state legislatures around the country consider expanding or introducing gambling in their respective states, speculation abounds that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will soon introduce federal legislation allowing for online poker. In light of the JusticeDepartment’sdecision that legalized some forms of online, non-sport gaming in December, Reid has said he wants to work on federal […] Read More

A legal opinion released by the Department of Justice legalizes some forms of non-sport, online gambling. The opinion was dated September 2011 but not released until right before Christmas. The legal standard since the Internet’s explosive growth had been based on the Federal Wire Act of 1961. The act prohibited communication of bets across state […] Read More

Gambling is going to play a huge role in Alabama’s political campaign this year – that is glaringly obvious. We have already seen high-profile arrests stemming from alleged vote-buying in connection with a previous attempt to legalize casino gambling in the state. That investigation is ongoing and only God knows where it will lead. In […] Read More

Anybody know what Alabama Gov. Riley’s present obsession with gambling is all about? Gambling in one form or another has been present throughout Riley’s two terms as governor. Why the interest now is a mystery. His actions feel politically motivated, but I can’t see what the payoff can be. He is not eligible for another […] Read More

At the time this was written, it wasn’t quite clear who were the lucky winners of the latest EuroMillions lottery jackpot, which spans several European countries including Britain. There are two winning tickets apparently. At least one is an individual, and the other may or may not be a syndicate. Camelot Group, which operates the […] Read More