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EthicsDaily will continue to address the most pertinent issues, share illuminating stories and use the latest technology to deliver timely information and biblically based resources. Your support keeps that mission moving forward. […] Read More

EthicsDaily seeks to address the world’s most critical concerns. Working alongside outstanding partners and remarkable individuals, we are diligently working for social justice and a better tomorrow. And your support is the key. […] Read More

Afropessimism. The word may be unfamiliar, but the concept won’t be. It’s the perfect description of that view we’ve probably all encountered: that Africa is a “basket case,” a single, hopeless country, a seething pit of hunger, corruption, starvation and bottomless need. Krish Kandiah’s interview with Michael Badriaki critiqued this perspective beautifully, providing prophetic guidance […] Read More

Knowing how we started and how we’ve been traveling will help our readers know what we need this week–financially. “We’re building the train as it’s moving down the tracks,” said Wilmer C. Fields, one of most seasoned Baptist newsmen of his generation in a planning meeting for the launch of the Baptist Center for Ethics […] Read More

Several dozen scholars of religion met at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom from April 23-25 to discuss the global history of evangelicalism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The conference–organized by Kendrick Oliver, professor of American history at Southampton, whose research on religion and the space program you really must become acquainted […] Read More

(RNS) The American Cancer Society has rejected an atheist group’s bid to field a national team to raise money for cancer research, and organizers suspect it’s because of the volunteers’ godless beliefs. Todd Stiefel, who channels tens of thousands of dollars to atheist causes from his Raleigh, N.C.-based Stiefel Freethought Foundation, had wanted to organize […] Read More

World AIDS Day is here. I’ve been bracing for another stupid Twitter stunt and whatever other kinds of ridiculousness might ensue in the name of marketing disguised as “awareness-raising.” But I wasn’t prepared for this: Today, “Kim Kardashian is going to die a little,” according to a New York Times story. “So is her sister, […] Read More

We plan to produce a four-part DVD study guide that will equip Baptists for constructive interfaith relationships with the Jewish community, a resource long overdue, and a much-needed educational unit. And we need readers to help us make this resource available. Here’s background information that I hope will motivate readers to enable us to […] Read More

Why am I writing another piece asking for donations? First, I want to be accountable to those who have shared values and a common vision. I want our readers to be fully informed and to offer them greater ownership in the Baptist Center for Ethics. From our very beginning, we have believed that BCE should […] Read More

I believe in straight talk. I think the readers of expect nothing less. In the past several months, I’ve talked straight with our readers about having acute leukemia. I’ve shared about my physical atrophy, my family’s courage and my discovery of an unbeknownst, albeit large, beloved community of support. I’ve hinted that the journey […] Read More