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Marcus Mumford, front man for the popular musical act, Mumford and Sons, has caused a stir among evangelical Christians. When asked by Rolling Stone magazine if he considers himself to be a Christian, Mumford said: “I don’t really like that word. It comes with so much baggage.” He added: “So, no, I wouldn’t call myself […] Read More

(RNS) A week or two after the 2004 election, I was dining with some friends in New York when the conversation turned to religion and politics—the two things that you’re never supposed to discuss in polite company. George W. Bush had just been re-elected with the help of what was described in the media as […] Read More

George Arthur Buttrick, the legendary Presbyterian preacher of the 20th century, insisted that all preaching is venue specific. Indeed it is. The day I preached the Southern Baptist Convention annual sermon in downtown San Antonio in June 1988, recalls a painfully specific venue. The SBC had endured nine years of controversy. That summer the convention […] Read More

Goodwill is an energetic, positive word. It’s a proactively muscular word. It contains enough self-definition that further commentary is unnecessary in casual conversation. Let’s start describing ourselves as the goodwill Baptists. Let’s drop the milquetoast modifier “moderate” to describe Southern Baptists who distance themselves from fundamentalism. The phrase “moderate” was used during the last few […] Read More

Bloggers are shaping public opinion. Evidence abounds that Web loggers have developed some muscle. Evidence abounds that Web loggers have developed some muscle. They are credited with helping to defeat Sen. Joe Lieberman last week in Connecticut’s Democratic Party primary. One blogger is credited with disclosing that Reuters, a wire service, used doctored images from […] Read More

Old Testament King Saul imposed himself upon the office of the priesthood in violation of his calling to be a secular king. His attempt to blend the offices and override distinctly different administrations brought about the judgment of God. Historians now tell us of peculiar church services in pre-war Germany where Nazi flags were draped […] Read More

Women And Slaves

Boundary markers are important to fundamentalists, because they need enemies to energize their cause. In the so-called “conservative resurgence” currently seeking to divide Baptist loyalties, the initial “line in the sand” was the inerrancy slogan, which was dropped when it proved too ambiguous to define and enforce. In its place as a litmus test of […] Read More